John 6:27

"Labor not for the meat which perisheth,

But for that meat

Which endureth unto everlasting life,

Which the son of man shall give unto you:

For Him hath God the Father sealed."

Labor not for the meat which perisheth (do not devote all your energies simply to the maintenance of the physical body, for even the most scientifically balanced diet ...can nourish the body only for a limited time) but for that meat (but seek the infinite source, the cosmic energy and life current) which endureth unto everlasting life, (which can spiritualize the material forces into deathless or changeless energy, serviceable to the soul eternally) which the son of man (the human body which comes from another human body) shall give unto you: (because it contains divine possibilities within it) for Him hath God the Father sealed (God the creator has stored His immortal energy in man and has labelled or marked It as the storage battery of His own cosmic design. One can recharge his body-cells from within ...by knowing the mechanism of the body-battery and its secret storehouse of cosmic current)S.Y.


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