By Swami Yogananda

It is noon-time! Dear ones, sleeping yet? The Divine Trumpet is calling! Everything may seem peaceful and quiet to you, perhaps, because you are asleep, enjoying partial health and prosperity. But wake, watch, listen! Ignorance, disease, poverty, crime and death, fully equipped with a million missiles of misery, are swarming in hordes to invade your souls, cities, homes, your dear ones. We want recruits, to train themselves first, and others afterward, to fight these universal enemies.

It is not enough to praise God, who is unmoved by human flattery or disbelief. It is the time, in this world of universal war. He loves God best ...who serves His children. Our world is in a state of terrible siege, fighting Delusion and its vast army. The cry of the diseased, dying and mentally wounded ...rend the air. Our toll is heavier than ever. Only last year, right here in Enlightened America, the records of crime show that unknowing youths from the ages of fifteen to thirty ...stole one billion dollars by hold-ups. Who is responsible? We, who did not train them how to fight temptation and crime.

Ignorance of —right laws of living and health rules— is untimely slaughtering the human family at the rate of 305 individuals per second. Disease with its various machine guns ...has wounded almost 90% of the total population. Death gets almost 100% of our harassed brothers and sisters to a premature grave. Are we immovable, insentient, less even than stones? Rocks, trees and animals lead a happier and more certain existence than we do. Are we not better equipped, more powerful than anything in Nature? Then why should we suffer at the hands of weaker agencies? Let us seek the remedy.

Let us, forgetting —race, creed, dogma, and caste— gather together and make a world-wide united organized attempt train our fifteen hundred million members of the human family to fight —disease, death, misery and ignorance. We must have Spiritual Military Schools for all-round human training every city of the globe. One such is started on Mount Washington, Los Angeles. Won't you enlist? Why spend your finances and energy indirectly to support luxury, crime and disease, or leave your money behind you without having put it to a good use while living? Join us. Every dollar you give will go to save a soul, to fight the enemies of right living. Let us unite for real liberty and freedom—freedom from bad habits, uncontrolled whims and ignorance. Let us learn to be ruled —only by right discrimination.

How many of the world's million are healthy? Only 5%. How many are free from poverty? Only 1%. How many die prematurely? Almost 99%. How many have never suffered disease? Less than 1%. How many are spiritual and have a sound scientific spiritual training that no circumstances could ever overcome them? Less than 1%. What is the cause of this terrible situation? It is because we have slept so long, and let the army of Ignorance ...swarm everywhere.

I am not asking for myself, but for the American Spiritual Army Headquarters on Mount Washington, where we are recruiting to start this world fight against our common enemy, Delusion. Come on, join us, donate your energy, good-will or purse. Do your share, do what you can, that is all we ask of you. Won't you do something while you are still unscathed? Anything that you do is sincerely welcome. Save a soul from ignorance, and you have saved his body and mind as well. Do good while you are living, and have the fruits of noble actions in this life.

What can you do for your human family?

1. Send whatever you can, with your good-will, to help establish a big general educational fund for starting schools all over America and the world.

2. Help us establish a big library of good books by sending books.

Applications for Teachers

3. Help us recruit a Spiritual Army. We want real workers, robust in body and mind, of calm disposition, mental shock-absorbers who will allow nothing to upset or anger them, who will join us for life, or who can receive at least one year's training to be teachers, according to the rules of the institution. These rules will be printed in the near future in this magazine. Make your application now, telling your occupation, education, age, marital status, and sending a recent photograph of yourself.

Let us all be eager to serve in the best way we can, for this world-wide fight against ignorance and suffering.

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