The Pittsburgh Yogoda Sat-Sanga Center has so much life and vitality that it is a joy to co-operate with it. On June 21st, the Yogodans held a Hindu Banquet with Swami Yogananda as guest of honor. "Pittsburgh Yogoda Light," described the event as follows: "The expression of welcome to our honor guest was shown when all present stood in their places at the tables, while Swami responded gracefully, yet simply, and with a modesty that reveals the inner dignity of respect and reverence of all really great souls. Swami's blessing was pronounced with such a depth of sacredness and devotion that not only appealed to the good, true and beautiful in life, but inspired in us a feeling of fellowship in a great cause, combined with a devotion to duty that thrilled our innermost being and challenged our students to 'carry on' the Yogoda cause of Right Living with ever-new zeal and purpose."

The blessing given by Swami and repeated by the others in concert, was as follows:

"O Spirit, bless this food, make it holy;

Let no impurity of greed ever defile it.

It is for Thy templeóreceive it.

Spirit to Spirit goes. All is spiritual.

I thank thee."

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