Amelita Galli-Curci and Homer Samuels are two distinguished names whose owners have recently lent their enthusiastic support to the Yogoda movement. Mme. Galli-Curci writes: "The teachings of Swami Yogananda give to life a purpose. Joy, happiness, bliss come to one . . . does not everyone of us strive for these? All takes on new beauty; a new force brings forth health, strength and power to accomplish. It is the Science of Living and it is applicable to all our daily problems and activities. It develops peace and poise."

Clara Clemens Gabrilowitch, daughter of Mark Twain, wife of the eminent musician Ossip Gabrilowitsch, and herself a singer of note, gives the following praise to Yogoda: "Swami Yogananda teaches the Art of Life. His wisdom and spiritual development are supreme. He unlocks the doors to many mysteries and discloses joy where we suspected only sorrow. Deeply grateful to him are all his pupils, among whom I am happy to count myself."

Alfred Human, editor of "Singing," writes: "If Westerners in general were made aware of the intensely practicable nature of the clear and logical system, Yogoda, they would besiege Swami Yogananda for instruction. The Swami demonstrates that the average person, the so-called "practical" man, utilizes an absurdly small part of his powers; without disturbing his convictions or severely altering his daily life, the Swami sets him to work on explicit outward and inner gymnastics. The extreme simplicity of these exercises, the amazing results, from the physical side alone, must commend Yogoda to the dispassionate seeker. Even the terminology the Swami employs, is crystal-clear to the Occidental mind; in the same spirit ...the Swami has evolved a system, founded on centuries of wisdom, which is particularly adapted to the Western body and mentality."

The Universal Islamic Society of Detroit presented the following "Address of Thanks and Appreciation" to the Swami Yogananda on June 20, 1926. We quote it to show how Yogoda is succeeding in breaking down the barriers of creed and sect, barriers that were once thought insuperable, but that today are dissolving in the light of common human sympathies and understanding. The address reads, in part, as follows:

"We, the members of the Universal Islamic Society, beg to tender our heartfelt thanks for the services you have so generously rendered

to us in the high interest of a common brotherhood, and the spiritual light you are spreading among the Western nations of the earth.

"Unquestionably, the Divine Creator of all things has sent you to this Western world at a time when mad materialism, unreasoning prejudice and misguided intolerance are leading God's people away from that Divine Truth which makes for the Unity of God and the Brotherhood of man.

"From time to time, throughout the ages, God, in His Divine Mercy, has caused prophets to arise, to lead erring humanity in the right path, the path of Truth and Righteousness. He raised up Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, Christ, Krishna and Mohammed. And you, dear Sir, he has raised to proclaim the Truth and to assist in leading erring humanity back to the path He would have them tread. . . .

"God strengthen you to carry His work of spiritual unity and human brotherhood to the ends of the earth. We beg that you will pray for us even as we shall pray for you and your success and the success of the high and Divinely inspired work you have undertaken. May you be ever guided by that Spirit which is Birthless, Deathless, Changeless and remaineth forever. We wish you God-speed and assure you that the memory of your good work will ever remain treasured in the inmost hearts of each and everyone of us, who sign our names to this humble tribute of love, brotherhood and devotion for and on behalf of the Universal Islamic Society."

The broad-minded and sympathetic attitude (which we reciprocate) of the International New Thought Alliance toward the work of Yogoda is shown by a recent gracious letter to Swami Yogananda from its president, Mrs. Mary E. T. Chapin, who says: "I want to send you our sincerest thanks for your coming from Detroit to help make our Congress a success. . . . Out Alliance is the clearing-house of all religions and organizations working for unity and peace throughout the world. Your coming and presenting your religious and ethical view on your reaction to the Mystery was very significant and was unanimously considered a great event."

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