Swami Yogananda wants to recruit a Spiritual Army. Yogoda needs real workers, robust in body and mind, of calm disposition, mental shock-absorbers who will allow nothing to upset or anger them, who will join us for life, or who can receive at least one year's training to be teachers, according to the rules of the institution. Make your application now, telling your occupation, education, age, marital status, also financial condition (if you wish to give this information). Please send a recent photograph of yourself. The Yogoda Teachers Training School has not yet been opened, and no residential students are accepted at present. But plans are going forward all the time to start this work at the earliest possible moment. Watch EAST-WEST for news of all plans and developments.



By Swami Yogananda

Never before, my dear ones of Los Angeles, did you make me feel so much at home as you did this time on my vacation to you. I have now known the loyal ones through the test of time. It is wonderful to know one has real friends. True sincere friendship is the light with which we can help one another to see and pass through the door of Heaven. When in mutual service we forget the little self, then only will we see the one big Self of the Spirit running through us.

The sunny California climate, and the Oriental cordiality that I found on every hand, made me almost think I was back in India again. Certainly you made me feel, with your harmony and spiritual blending, that One Spirit existed in us; and I could not find myself apart. It was only after breaking three railroad reservations to New York that I found just sufficient separateness and individuality to be able to unwillingly leave you.

May you grow in every way, and broadcast the message of Yogoda to East, West, North, South. Remember and act according to the suggestions I lovingly gave to you.




Below are given the words, translated from Bengali, of a letter recently received by Swami Yogananda from his Guru, his Great Master, Srimat Swami Sri Yukteswar Giriji Maharaj of India. Every Yogoda student will be happy to hear his praise. We send our deepest PRONAMS to him.

The letter is as follows:

11th August, 1926.

Child of my heart, O Yogananda!

Seeing the photos of your School and students, what joy comes in my life I cannot express in words. . . . I am melting in joy to see your Yogoda students of different cities. Beholding your methods in Chant Affirmations, Healing Vibrations and Divine Healing Prayers, I cannot refrain from thanking you from my heart.

Seeing the gate, the winding hilly way upward and the beautiful scenery spread out beneath the Mount Washington Educational Center, I yearn to behold it with my own eyes. . . .

Through the Guru's grace, everything here is going well. Through the grace of God, may you ever be in Bliss.

Your well-wisher,




Gerald Stanley Lee, the noted author and lecturer, writing recently in the Hearst's Magazine, says: "One day I found myself talking with a well-known trainer. He had bared his arm to me and had me feel his arm to show how perfect his coordination was—his power to relax and tense his muscles as he wished. Alternately he relaxed and tensed his biceps by thought. While I pressed my fingers on it, he telegraphed the flesh in his arms into jellyfish or steel as he liked. I stood by and wondered how anyone could get like that."

The trainer must certainly have been a Yogoda student. Thousands of Yogoda students can do just what that trainer did. Yogoda is the great gift of India to America and the world. We are happy to see, from many comments such as the above, in the press and magazines, that the message is spreading and growing all the time.



Bramachari Nerode, a young Bengali Hindu, has recently been appointed by Swami Yogananda to take charge of the Detroit Yogoda Center. He has been initiated by the Swami as a Bramachari (which means "one who is self-disciplined") and from that Preparatory Order he may later become a Swami. After completing his training as a Bramachari, as prescribed by his preceptor, he may elect to return to the world, or devote the rest of his life as a Swami to God's work.

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