By Elna Marstrand

Let yellow light stretch o'er my sight

So —gently trembling ecstasy.

And all my body vanishes

And all my tired mind is free—

I move beyond.

All distance spreads,

All space is gone.

And I alone do not exist

But am become —in ecstasy,

A deathless moment of eternity.

* * *

There is the silence—wherein no sound stirs.

There is the shining light

Wherein no shadow moves.

And here —in tremor of this ecstasy

We come unto the presence of our God.

* * *

All things, all memories, pass.

But only this remains—

The Light I once beheld.

Deep in my soul

There is a lingering Flame—

Telling of whence I came

And whither go—and this is semblance

Of that light I once beheld.

And I am searching ever for that light

Beholding which —no memory shall fade

But all things last.

* * *

Beyond—beyond experience of life

Lies the unknown—

Beheld by mystic vision—that alone,

'Tis like the radiance of love,

'Tis as the beauty of all earthly things,

And 'tis the freedom which man ever seeks,

But 'tis beyond

—Where no comparison can reach

—But only hold our minds

Until we comprehend.

* * *

Under the stars—

And looking toward the vast mysterious skies

Man feels his spirit freed

From mortal trammelling things.

The great dark trees

That stretch up toward the moon,

These are not hurt

By momentary things.

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