The Origin of Cosmic Vibration

GITA Chapter III, Stanzas 14, 15

Literal Translation:

From food spring forth creatures; from rain, food is begotten. From Yajna or sacrificial Cosmic Fire, rain issues forth; Yajna is born of Karma (divine vibratory action).

Know that Karma to have come into being through Brahma, the Creator; know that the consciousness in all vibratory creation (Brahma) issues from the Imperishable Cosmic Consciousness beyond all creation. Thus Brahma, the anpervading Creative Consciousness, is present in every atom of vibratory creation.

Poetic Rendition:

Food is the fountain of life and rain is the stream which brings forth body-sustaining food. The Cosmic Fire vibrates into rain, and karmic vibration throbs out of the heart of Brahma.


All living creatures spring from matter (earth). The earth was precipitated from the ocean of gathered rains or liquids. Out of this water, condensed from nebulae, issued forth all forms of life. As oceans came from nebulae, these in turn came from the essence of atoms, electrons, cosmic life force (Yajna). This Cosmic Light or Fire resulted from the vibration or will of God (Cosmic Karma).

The Bible puts it thus, in Genesis 1:1-3: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

The cosmic vibration and laws of action (Karma) which govern the universe came from the Brahma or Christ Consciousness (Kutastha Chaitanya), inherently present in all vibratory creation. This consciousness of God the Son (Tat) immanent in all vibratory creation sprang from the immutable God the Father (Sat) existing beyond all vibratory creation. The Christ Consciousness or Creative Brahma is present in all cosmic vibration, which manifests as the Cosmic Light (Yajna, Creative Fire) and the Cosmic Sound (Aum). The Creator or Cosmic Vibration manifests in two forms-Cosmic Light or Cosmic Sound. Cosmic Vibration or Aum or Amen or Holy Ghost-all are significations of the Cosmic Vibration, all are the "witness" or evidence of the Creator in His creation.

Entire Law of Creation

These stanzas of the Gita describe the entire law of creation. Man is the product of Cosmic Energy, of astral life-current, whose condensation became earth. Out of the liquid flowing vibration of Cosmic Energy came all the solid earth. Thus, every form of life and life-sustaining food springs from Cosmic Energy. In its turn, the vibrations of energy came from the subtle Cosmic Light which is the source of all things, and which is itself empowered by the vibratory energy and will of God.

The cosmic law of ordered vibration thus springs forth from the Christ Consciousness present in all vibratory creation. This Christ Consciousness (Brahma or Kutastha Chaitanya), present in all creation, is nevertheless only a reflected consciousness, existing in relation to the cosmos and dissolving when the cosmos is dissolved. The Christ or Son Consciousness arises from the Unchangeable God the Father, the Spirit existing beyond all creation. The Christ Consciousness or Creative Brahma is enthroned only in all Cosmic Vibration as Light and Sound.

Man is thus made in the image of God, Who is Eternal Consciousness. Man is the materialized mind of God. All creatures are enformed or materialized from the "frozen mind" or ideas of God. All illusions of solid matter came from the liquid or fluid frozen mind of God. This frozen liquid-mind of God or water came from the Cosmic Energy or fiery, frozen mind of God. This active vibratory fire of God directs all laws of the entire illusory vibratory creation which is nothing but dreams of God.

Fiery Vibration

This fiery vibration of God or Cosmic Energy came from the reflected consciousness of God, or Brahma, Lord of all illusive creation. His creative consciousness, which mentally vibrated the cosmic dream creation, came from the original unchangeable Cosmic Consciousness -the Uncreated- which exists beyond all vibratory or created realms.

These two stanzas of the Gita interpret the physical creation of man and the cosmos, the astral creation of man and the universe' and the mental creation of man and the cosmos.

God dreamed, and the cosmos and man became dream-realities. From this dream, God made the energy-creation. From the energy creation, God called forth the so-called solid universe and man with his illusory heavy body. In this sense, God or the Creator is the Ultimate Electromagnetic Wave.

In a dream, one can think and work with dream-electrical currents or build dream-houses out of dream-bricks for dream-people. In the dream state there appears to be differentiation among the dream-thought, dream-electricity, dream-bricks and dream-people. But on waking the dreamer realizes that everything in his visionary world was nothing more than different vibrations and manifestations of his frozen mind-stuff. From the unity of his dream consciousness came all the illusory appearances and objects of his dream.

Chapter III, Stanza 16

Literal Translation:

The individual who does not follow the wheel thus set rotating, living in iniquity and contented in the senses, he, 0 son of Prithi, lives in vain'

Poetic Rendition:

The benighted man, intoxicated with the wine of sense-pleasures, and not riding the disciplinarian wheel of life, falls into the pit of sinful misery, rendering useless the purpose of his God-given life.


He who does not heed the laws laid down by his Creator to follow the wheel of right actions leading to liberation, he who remains satisfied with sense-pleasures, lives indeed in vain. He who identifies himself with his senses is rooted in the soil of materialism. As a person who gets up on a ferriswheel can climb high and see a beautiful panorama, or can climb down again, so a person who, instead of remaining stationary on the ground of materialism, climbs on the wheel of uplifting action, can reach high points in evolution; he can come down, or stay wherever he likes.

The man who performs higher and higher duties rises steadily in the scale of evolution. The sense-identified person remains contentedly walking on the lowly levels of material consciousness. His sorrow-producing error lies in not comparing his inferior pleasures with the superior happiness which can only be found by climbing the rotating wheel of right actions. Such mortals tie their lives to the gross plane of matter and suffering. Thus they never know that the purpose of life is to find the Holy Grail, the cup of supreme bliss. To live life without leading it to its goal is a useless existence, not life at all.

Deeper Interpretation

A deeper interpretation of this Gita stanza is that of the human spine as the descending and ascending wheel of life. The consciousness of man has come down from its home in the brain, through the six plexuses. After reaching the lowest or coccygeal center, it spreads out in the nervous system and cellular structure. The soul descending into the flesh thus becomes entangled, remaining a prisoner of the momentary-pleasure-producing sensations. The man who allows his life-currents to descend into the senses long enough to become saturated with the delusive pleasures of sensations, finds that his life is vain and leads but to negation.

The purpose of life is to ascend the human consciousness through the six spinal centers, reinforcing it with their progressively greater and greater lights, until it is able to unite with the all-pervading, thousand-rayed brilliance in the brain plexus. This ascent of the consciousness through the spine may be slowly achieved through right actions and right thoughts. However, the yogi chooses the quicker and more scientific method of meditation, which frees one from the misery-making senses and delusions.

The soul descends from Cosmic Consciousness to the Immanent

Christ Consciousness and thence to the Vibratory creation. It continues to descend until it becomes encased in a body and permeated with sense-consciousness. By deep meditation, Kriya Yoga, the soul learns to follow the path of ascension instead of descension. It first leaves the soil of material attachment and concentrates away not only from objects of bodily enjoyment but from the body itself. The yogi detaches himself first from the property or possessive consciousness and then from all sense identifications. Thus he removes his mind from the three lower plexuses or centers which are the ones connected with all bodily sensations and attachments.

The yogi then immerses his consciousness in the Divine Love Center in the heart. He ascends further to enjoy the Cosmic Calmness of the cervical center. Climbing on, the yogi rests in the Christ Center in the medulla and the point between the eyebrows. Here he experiences the joy in all creation. He finally fixes himself in the brain plexus from which he can feel the Cosmic Consciousness, the unending bliss existing beyond all creation.

The internal consciousness of ordinary people operates only from the lumbar, sacral and coccygeal plexuses which direct all sense-enjoyments. The divine lover and celestial poets operate from the heart center. The calm, unshaken yogi operates from the cervical center. He who can feel his presence in the entire vibratory creation is functioning in the Christ and medullary centers. The supreme yogi operates from the brain center of Cosmic Consciousness. He may be spoken of as an ascended yogi. The sense-identified man who knows nothing of his higher, inner life is known as a descended mortal, one who rests on the lowest rung of the wheel of human evolution.


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