INDIAN Citizenship

In an open letter to the committee on immigration of the U.S. Senate, 52 prominent America's urged that hearings be held on two bills, passed by the house last year, to Permit Filipinos and natives of India to become American citizens. Signers of the open letter include: Van Wyck Brooks, Donald Ogden Stewart, Monsignor John Montgomery Cooper, Dr. Bela Schick, Bishop Henry W. Hobson and Robert W. Kenny. The open letter, in addition to requesting hearings on the two bills, voices support for the elimination of all racial Provisions in the immigration and naturalization laws.



Dr. M. W. Lewis, formerly of Boston, Massachusetts, is now a full-fledged minister of the Self-Realization Fellowship. Paramhansa Yogananda is happy to announce that Dr. Lewis--who was one of the first Americans to become his student and friend - has now moved to our California Headquarters and is giving his full time to the work of the organization. At present, Reverend M. W. Lewis is conducting meetings at the Golden Lotus Hermitage in Encinitas.

Concerning Education

Few People realize that 62 percent of the world's population cannot read. Dr. Frank Lauback has estimated that 70 percent of China, 88 percent of India 90 Percent of the Moslem world, 95 percent of the East Indies and 98 'percent of Afghanistan, Iran, Irak, Turkestan and Arabia are illiterate.

* Progress! Because of a resolution passed by the N. Y. State Legislature, existing school curricula in that state will be reoriented and revised so that intercultural education is fully integrated into school work and activity on every grade level, and in every subject area; understanding and appreciation of the contributions of minority groups will be fostered, and the scientific facts and historical factors in regard to the various divisions of the human race will be taught.

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