God Fulfills Himself

(To Kipling)

By Frances Beard Smith


Revered you were for years, famed poet sage,

Authoritative voice for your past age.

Your truth was true for Britain's empire day,

But Cosmic law decrees a higher way

When man shall see in any color face

That something deeper far than speech or race.

Applied new science, factories and speed

Are now the Orient's compelling need.

Perspective, insight, greater wisdom-poise,

Could bring to us, the West, undreamed of joys.

When shall we all be wise enough to see

Each race has some superiority?

A single purpose Life's vast pattern shows

For cactus, lotus, hyacinth and rose.

All men on this evolving earth today

Are traveling along the self-same way.

To allied airmen flying with the sun

The East met West and twain became as one.

Oh! God, whose life blood flows in every vein,

Enlarge perceptions here on this earth plane.

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