Vol. 18 - 5

March-April, 1947


Easter Message Paramhansa Yogananda

Synthesis Vs. Specialization Nicholas Roerich

Protection Against Evil's Power Bhagavad Gita

The Ethics Of Plant-Killing Henry S. Salt

Was Christ the Son of David? Paramhansa Yogananda

A Thought for Each Week

Notes From the News

Birthday Celebration

Notes On Education

Poor Memory No Rarity

Coping With Cold Facts

The Health and Science Front

The Indwelling God Appar

International Fellowship

Peace Trend In Toys

Gandhiji's Official Title

Indian Government Plans

Myth Of Overpopulation

Book Review Mary and the Spinners

Special Review The Grape Cure

Does God Demand Tangible Offerings?

Their Place in Worship

God's Smile Lucia Dunbar

Symposium on: Attunement with God


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