óBy Huston Ray

Human beings need natural air, natural water, natural exercise, natural sleep and natural food; the five fundamental necessities of life. When man has these five fundamentals, he finds himself in natural harmony with nature. But if these laws are broken, discord follows the violation of the Natural Law of Harmony. It is just so with any of our developed sciences, for all true science is based upon law.

The five fundamental laws of life are represented by harmonious feelings, moods and senses. These are directly subject to vibratory influences of all kinds, especially electro-vibrations, sun light vibration and sound-wave vibration.

All life, all things that exist, are solely dependent upon vibratory conditions. As Hermetic philosophy teaches us, nothing rests; everything vibrates. Anything that has life is in a vibrating condition, and things that are dead or that cease to retain form are devoid of vibration.

Materia Medica today is doing much of its most serious work through all forms of electro-therapy, based upon the life-giving value of vibratory influence when administered scientifically to the human organism.

Thus we find the difference between objects ...either animate or inanimate, is merely the difference in rate of vibration. Vibration in good pitch, tone and quality, together with harmony plus rhythm, has the most immediate and marked therapeutic influence on the human organism of any vibratory administrations yet found comparable. This refers, of course, to vibratory influence without contact.

Music is a food. Food taken into the body for digestion is internal food, while food such as music received by external contact external food. Both forms give energy, stimulation, vital courage and strength of different degrees.

Now the point at issue is, what is it in the food that replaces worn-out energy (electron vibrations)? Here remember that all life and thoughts or things, in fact everything basically vibration, and merely different ...through the rate and degree at which the thing vibrates. Therefore minerals and vegetables are composed of vibrating electrons, the vitamins which they contain being live or dead according to their vibratory potency. Thus when we take into our bodies these mineral or vegetable vibratory forces known as food, they recharge the blood stream, cells and tissues with that force which is life-giving and that force is vibration.

Retracing our thought to music as an external food, we note that things in vibration are affected by vibration when relative rates or degrees are brought in contact with one another. For instance, certain noise sounds irritate one, certain musical sounds invigorate, while others depress both mentally and physically. Therefore, scientific harnessing of music into proper forms and doses, according to the requirements, is necessary to gain any lasting benefit for practical use.

On June 16, 1925, Dr. F. D. Bell of the New York Tuberculosis Association addressed the American Sanitorium Association and advocated music as a part of the treatment for tuberculosis. Experiments were tried in sixteen New York Hospitals where music proved to give courage, hope, more ambition and a general improvement in both mental and physical condition of patients affected with tuberculosis.

A good march tempo, such as six-eight time, used by marching troops, plus a spirited melody, has proven to the Army generals of our country as well as others, that music invigorates, lessens fatigue and stimulates not only individually but collectively with the same potency. Thus it is the rule of our Navy that the band shall play when coaling ships. Time and fatigue are saved by this wise order.

When music is administered to a person doing manual labor, the rhythm should be marked and even the melody definite and the meter lively. Music taken with meals is a definite aid to digestion, providing the music is not too loud or too lively in meter, and that the melody predominates. Broken rhythm tends to hinder digestion, causing restlessness and agitation. It has taken years of diligent study, experiments, and research work to develop what can be called a practical use of music as a serious aid to a harmonious existence as applied through Musica-Metaphysica. There are natural laws on which any science can be based and thus developed for application Also there is usually a trinity to everything. In the beginning we know of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. In music we find natural harmony, natural melody and natural rhythm.

Many historical records tell the beautiful story of healing by music. Various forms of insanity and mental disorders are especially susceptible to cure through music. The Bible tells us of King Saul's sickness of body and soul, which only the sweet strains of David's harp could relieve. In more modern times, we hear of Gladstone, seeking relief from acute neuralgia in music. Herbert Spencer sought music as a healing agent for a nervous disturbance. The Empress of Austria was cured of neuralgia by certain strains of sound repeated at frequent intervals.

On the other hand, Tolstoi's "Kreuzer Sonata" is a vivid example of the power of music to rouse the sensual passions, awakening the sleeping tiger in man.

You have read of the "two-edged sword" in the Bible. Music likewise is a sharp two-edged sword. It cuts both ways. It either heals and cures, or poisons and wears out the human mind and body. It cuts for better or for worse.

Have you ever danced until late hours of the morning, perhaps after a hard day's work, and still enjoyed the merry spirit of it all? Have you ever tried doing the same long dances when no music was used to produce the rhythm, harmony and melody? Have you stopped to realize, in the first instance, that the energy you were using up must have been replaced from some source, or fatigue would have forced you to stop? Music does replace the used-up energy, restore worn-down vitality and strengthen used-up vibration-batteries of the body. You have proven this at the dancing party.

Again, have you not dined at first-class hotels and found the finer orchestra music beneficial with your meal? Were you not relaxed and enabled to eat more peacefully through the aid of beautiful music? Music does aid digestion and to such an extent that food and stomach actually respond to the vibratory sounds of music. Therefore, remember to choose your music as carefully as you should choose your food, and never listen to broken rhythm, loudly performed, or over-lively dinner music. These forms hinder digestion. Soft, melodious, contemplative forms ...soothe, and digestion more easily takes place.

For instance, one report of an experiment with a cat's reaction to music at mealtime, read: "Broken rhythm and loud uneven music caused restless condition and stopped digestion as definitely as soft, melodious music of moderate tempo and even meter ...aided digestion."

In the operating ward of a hospital, music when given in preparing a patient for an operation proved as follows: "We found that the patient went under the knife with sixty per cent more mental and physical vitality and courage when prepared with proper music first; the nerves responding favorably to such a degree that lessening of certain drug administration was possible without detrimental conditions during operation." Dr. O. L. Dannenbrinck of the New York Lexington Hospital has been using music just so and with marked beneficial results. Hundreds of other surgeons have learned to avail themselves of musical therapeutics.

We now have societies who are sponsoring music healing and lending effort nationally

to the establishment of music healing in hospitals. There is in New York City "The National Association for Music in Hospitals" and the "National Association for the Advancement of Music" whose organized effort has proven most effective.

In life we find many forms and varieties, but there is a form of music which will correspond to every human mood and emotion. Music can change moods or induce them. Who knows the value of this better than the actress or actor who must register different emotions with realism almost daily, and trusts to music for the very mood required? You yourself, attending a motion picture show, have been swayed with the moods of the actors through the combined effect of their acting and the accompanying music which corresponds to the mood being portrayed.

Massage your system with music moods of different intensity daily and you will be more sensitive and alert to nature's harmonious feelings, which mean natural health.

I have given musical treatment in hundreds of hospitals along with my professional concert work, and have seen the effect music has had on those who are in the class of mentally deficient or mentally unbalanced, and on others who are physically discordant or subjects of their nerves. It is no theory with me and my co-workers now as we have not only publicly demonstrated these things, but we have used sound-wave therapy machines and recordings dials and contrivances of every description to harness sound-wave vibration and to prove that electricity and sun light vibration are identical with sound-wave vibration in power, quality and degree. "Electro-therapy" and "Sun-light Therapy" and "Sound-Wave Therapy" all are the results of modern scientific development, and replace much in Materia Medica.

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