Huston Ray, "the Music Healer," and often called, "the most-advertised pianist in America" because of the large attention given his work by the press, is the inventor, among other things, of a musical alarm-clock which will soon be on the market. This ought to be good news to Yogoda students who like to do their meditation exercises early in the morning!

Mr. Ray, whose interesting article on Music Healing appears in this issue of EAST-WEST, has recently been working with several noted scientists from Europe to develop his work of healing by music, along advanced scientific lines. Prof. Ward Gibson and Mr. Ray have created certain special devices which amplify sound waves until they become so loud that one would be deafened by the volume if one could hear it. However, they have so eliminated sound propensity and expansion of sound vibration, that one may feel the entire strength of the amplified vibrations thru the vibratory contact, without being conscious thru the ear of the sound wave intensity.

Prof. Gibson and Mr. Ray intend appearing together before the National Scientific Association and the Scientific Research Societies in demonstration of their latest devices and material for sound wave therapy and its practical application. The first public demonstration will take place at Carnegie Hall in New York in March. Similar public demonstrations will be given in London, Paris and Vienna in May and June, 1927.

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