Quite unlike any other candy you ever ate. Mild, delicious, refreshing.

Tastes somewhat like candied pineapple, but is


All food has some inner quality, either of a beneficial or injurious nature. Our CACTUS CANDY is made from the Fresh Cactus Fruit, the cooling life-saver of the desert regions. It possesses a medicinal and spiritual value.

3 SONGS FOR PIANO. (Sheet Music). "OM SONG" words by Swami Yogananda, "SONG OF BRAHMA," ancient Hindu Temple melody, "MY SOUL IS MARCHING ON," words by Swami Yogananda.

YOGODA Headquarters, is a beautiful structure containing about forty rooms and two large halls each seating several hundred people. The grounds are seven and a half acres in extent, and are planted with camphor, date, palm, pepper and other beautiful trees, as well as plants, shrubs and wonderful flower-beds, making it one of the most beautiful spots on Southern California. There is a tennis court and the property has one thousand feet frontage on Mount Washington Boulevard Drive, and a twenty-five minutes’ drive from the heart of busy Los Angeles will bring you to the quiet hill-top location of this ideally-situated Center.

The Center commands an unsurpassed view of the city below, as well as of other nearby cities, including Pasadena, the "City of Roses." The Pacific Ocean sparkles in the distance, and at night the million twinkling lights of Los Angeles and distant cities may be seen below, a veritable fairyland.

Week-day and Sunday classes and lectures are given, including a non-sectarian Sunday School for children. The Center also carries on the work of the YOGODA CORRESPONDENCE COURSE, and numerous healing, social and welfare activities.

Those who are in sympathy with Swami Yogananda’s plan of starting here a YOGODA-HOW-TO-LIVE School, for children and adults, for training them in ideal all-round physical, mental and especially spiritual development, please communicate with the Swami.

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