DELIGHT IN GOD ONLY—By Francis Quarles

Without Thy presence earth gives no reflection;

Without Thy presence sea affords no treasure;

Without Thy presence air’s a rank infection;

Without Thy presence

Heaven itself’s no pleasure;

If not possess’d, if not enjoyed in Thee,

What’s earth, or sea, or air, or heav’n to me!

Without Thy presence, wealth is bags of cares;

Wisdom but folly; joy —disquiet-sadness;

Friendship is treason, and delights are snares;

Pleasures but pain,

And mirth but pleasing madness;

Without Thee, Lord,

Things be not what they be,

Nor have they being,

When compared with Thee.

In having all things and not Thee, what have I?

Not having Thee, what have my labors got?

Let me enjoy but Thee, what further crave I?

And having Thee alone, what have I not?

I wish ...not sea nor land;

Nor would I be possess’d of heaven,

Heaven unpossess’d of Thee.


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