Every nation has its peculiar characteristics, every country its particular genius. The genius of America is for practical achievement. The genius of Egypt was science and art, the genius of Rome was conquest. Greece gave birth to beauty and democracy, and India developed spirituality. Idealism had its origin among the Sages of the Aryan race and the common people of that ancient race were singing Vedic hymns, glorifying the monotheistic conception long before Plato taught, centuries before Moses came to redeem Israel from bondage. Idealism is based upon the conviction that the Infinite Lord is One without a second and that the phenomenal universe is an expression, reflection or emanation of His Being. Acquisition of relative knowledge may make man wise in a relative sense, but such knowledge will not lead to the consciousness of God unless, while it is being sought, the student retains and develops an attitude of reverence toward the source of all knowledge. Worship is the path to an understanding of that which is worshipped. Devotion to the good and true ...opens the door to Perfect Truth and Goodness beyond compare.

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