The true spirit of understanding, devoid of all bitterness, shines through these words from a Japanese statesman to his Hindu friend who had been deprived of his American citizenship under the recent U. S. Court decision that Hindus cannot become American citizens because their skin is not "white" enough. He wrote:

"According to your letter, you left America which canceled your citizenship and are now in Europe. This is indeed surprising news for me and I cannot but sympathize with your fate. You have lost your citizenship in India when you were presumed to have secured the American citizenship. You are a landless person. But Mr. Das! What is this world? A small slip of revolving universe. Everything is changing, and very quickly. Don't be discouraged by the incident! Go straight ahead on the road on which you started out! I believe the time will come when fortune will smile on you. I am also struggling against all kinds of injustice. I think, however, there is no holier work than to fight injustice. The human life might be regarded as a great drama. A man who can fight injustice is assuming a happy role in this drama. Though you are undergoing all forms of hardships, which are the outcome of the present unreasonable and selfish atmosphere of the world, I might congratulate you on playing a happy and holy role in the play of human life. God is after all fair, so I believe. One who believes oneself unfortunate simply lacks a penetrating vision to find a better and brighter side of this life. We should be wise and then we can find that God is all fair."

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