When God Walked in My GardenóBy Elizabeth Swaller

The dew lay sparkling on the grass,

The dawn crept o'er the hill,

When God walked in my garden,

Where all was cool and still.

The cannas waved a gay salute,

The lilies' hearts beat fast.

Verbenas all ...were on their knees

In reverence as He passed.

The rose poured out its fragrance

When He gently touched its stem.

Each pansy raised a loving face,

And kissed His garment's hem.

The daisies spread their halos white,

The poppies were aglow.

Beside the wall

The hollyhock

Swayed gently to and fro.

The moon-flowers and the jasmine,

Climbed high óthat they might see

...As one Zacceus did of old,

In the branches of a tree.

Thus did my garden greet the Lord,

That hour when all was still.

When dew lay sparkling on the grass,

And dawn crept o'er the hill.


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