Pantheism—By A Disciple

The Seven Spheres (Chakras)

Consult My idle mood;

My seal is on all life on a slave;

My tears have traced the opal tapestry

Beneath the mobile murmur of the wave;

The sea's eternal pilgrimage

Betrays its peacelessness in My unquiet grave.

In each dumb stone ...My unfulfillment lies;

Compassion walks the tranquil twilight ways;

The sun

That sprays his sovereign splendors down

Shrines with My glory—all his spheric gaze;

The templed trees ...exalt My prayer sublime

That swells their solemn symphony of praise.

My constancy has lit the starry lamps

That guard the sweet oblivion of sleep;

Remote, austere, in contemplation's calm

The leisured hills My lonely vigils keep;

My empty pride desolation's prey

Where desert wastes

Outstretch their sullen sweep.

On scented sandals down the unknown dusk

With wandering winds

My wayward fancies stroll;

Across despondent skies, with rainbow brush

I picture hope upon a sudden scroll;

The swift volcanic all-consuming fires

In flaming fury ...mock My lost control.

When Winter turns his haggard face away

My flowering faith ...sets free the eager Spring;

The butterfly is born at My caress

That weaves the fluttering frailty of his wing;

My heart's exultant ecstasy is lent

To haunt the long delight the skylarks sing.

My purity has jewelled the gentle dawn

Whose spacious brow

The spangled dews have dressed;

Where poppy-petals ...spread My subtle lure

Illusion bares its warm narcotic breast;

My pearls of peace are strung in solitude

When slumbrous night

Has sought her silent rest.

The supple life that spans the Infinite

Has swung its length along a destined thread;

The far-flung future ...rouses Worlds forgot

And centuries past, resume their cosmic tread;

A myriad-mooted Immortality

To rhythmic whirl, awakes the ancient dead.


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