Divine Love is not to be confounded either with human affections or with physical sensations. It is as cool as a glass of distilled water; as aloof as a moonbeam. It is an impersonal principle, and as such, it works in as strict accordance with scientific law, as does the fact that two plus two makes four. It is the most powerful chemical in the universe, and what it does not transmute into its own likeness, it hurls back into Divine Substance ...there to remain until it is again drawn to a single point as a Concrete Expression.

Divine Love is the great creative power that controls the worlds. At the same time, it is the tenderness that shingles a butterfly's wings with star-dust, lifts the fairy hands of a grass blade toward the Light, and uncurls the petals of a rose-bud. It is the power that hurls the leader of a just cause ...to victory; it is the sweet wisdom of the nest-building bird, and the abnegation of the mother polar bear that starves ...while she gives food to her cubs.

Divine Love is the pure acid that unselfs the soul. It consumes hatred, envy, jealousy, spite and egotism; and releases in the very places they occupied, such virtues as generosity, fidelity, justice, devotion, mercy, and humility. It banishes greed from the heart, changing the clutching talons of the miser, into the wide-open —giving hand— of the humanitarian. It destroys lust, and out of a libertine ...it can make a Saint Augustine. It changes intolerance into comprehension; and condemnation into sympathetic understanding. It drives out fear, and makes the timid heart ...strong and courageous.

Divine Love is the Royal Giver! It pours forth blessing as lavishly and impersonally as the Sun showers down heat and light upon the earth and the inhabitants thereof. It blesses friends and foes alike. It gives, and forgets the gift, shrinking from thanks ...as the unenlightened shrink from blame.

A soul filled with Divine Love is invincible. It is consciously sheltered beneath the wings of the All Mighty. It wears a shield through which no evil thing can penetrate. For Divine Love is the Refuge of all who walk in THE WAY. It is the Holy of Holies where the Masters seek ...and find, strength. It is the Divine Harbor in which they cast anchor, and find peace and rest and ...that Energy which works ceaselessly but is never weary. It is the Great Calm of the Adept.

Divine Love is the Truth that sets man free. It is the Great Emancipator. It shatters fetters of prejudice and evil habits that have bound souls within a bondage worse than the lowest slavery. It dissolves veils of illusion, giving clear sight. It takes the sting from a vitriolic tongue, removes claws from tempers, and renders harmless ...the high explosives attached to over-wrought nerves. It is the Mighty Expander, bringing extensions of consciousness ...that reveal to one —the aching weariness of the over-worked horse— as well as the Divine Breath vibrating through the universe.

Divine Love is the miracle worker. It takes a beggar and makes him fit to sit among kings. It takes a king, and deposits him on the junkheap. It takes a weak, whimpering, limping soul, purifies it, and it becomes One who walks in THE WAY. Centuries ago Divine Love flamed in the heart of "The Little Black Friar," and hurled him forth as Martin Luther, the giant of the Reformation. It touched the soul of Peter, a rough fisherman, and transmuted him into the Chief of the Apostles, the Saint of the Flaming Faith. It filled the heart of a humble peasant lad, made him strong beneath intolerable burdens, and then fashioned him into the Christ-like priest, Father Damien, who gave his life to work among the lepers.

Divine Love sends the great Wisdom Teachers from the Orient to all parts of the world, bearing their messages of holiness. It brought the saintly Swami Vivekananda to us, years ago, when he blazed the trail along which Mother India has since sent to us her highest, and purest, and holiest and best.

Divine Love hurled Saul of Tarsus, the persecutor, to the earth, and when he was uplifted, he had become changed into Paul of God, the great Evangelist. Divine Love flamed like a living light in the soul of Jesus of Nazareth, and he became the Christ, or the Holy Enlightened One, who told His disciples of a Love whose translation into deeds would bring lasting peace to a blood-drunk world.

Divine Love saturated the whole being of the young Prince, Gautama, and he became the Buddha, The Compassionate One; the Dharmaraja; Revealor of the Four Beautiful truths, and the Eight Fold Path, whereby millions found the Light. Divine Love produces the Bhakti-yogi, so united with the Divine through devotion ...that in his soul there blooms the White Lotus of Holiness.

Divine Love filled the heart, mind and soul of a quiet Hindu lawyer, and gave him to the world as Gandhi, the Mahatma, who is beloved by countless millions, not only of his own land but of every other land where men and women believe in freedom, in peace and in the brotherhood of man.

Divine Love is the great Teacher; the Great Link that unites all nations, all creeds, all castes, all colors, all ages. It makes the Brotherhood of man a divine truth in active operation, instead of a few empty words pattering from the lips. It was the sweet singer, Sidney Lanier, who wrote:

"Long as thy God is God above,

Thy brother ....every-man below."

It was Saint Paul who said:

"Love suffereth long and is kind;

Love envieth not; love vaunteth not Itself;

Is not puffed up,

Doth not behave Itself unseemly,

Seeketh not Her own, is not easily provoked,

Thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity,

But rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things,

Believeth all things, hopeth all things,

Endureth all things."

It was Swami Vivekananda who said:

"Forms vanish, rituals fly away,

Books are superseded,

Images, temples, churches,

Religions, sects, countries and nationalities,

All these limitations and bondages

Fall off from him

Who knows this Love of God."

It was Christ who said:

"This is My Commandment,

That ye love one another,

As I have loved you."

It was Buddha who said:

"Better than sovereignty over the earth,

Better than living in heaven,

Better than lordship over all worlds,

Is the fruit of holiness."


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