The following is a delightful and very nutritious dish, containing the vital mineral salts in great abundance:

Chop two slices of fresh or canned pineapple, one handful seedless raisins, one carrot ground up in food processor, one tablespoonful shelled pistachio nuts. Mix these together with four tablespoonfuls cream. Serve on lettuce with shredded lettuce on top.

Carrots ground up in a meat-chopper, or chewed thoroughly, are an excellent food for teeth and bones. Nuts should always be chewed very thoroughly before swallowing.

Business men and women would benefit their health very greatly by fasting or eating very little on Sundays and holidays. It is a dangerous habit to eat a full meal ...just because breakfast or dinner is served. Eat at regular times if you are hungry, but eliminate as many unwelcome meals as possible. Twenty-four hours' fasting each week will give the digestive system a thorough rest; and you can start on your work with fresh vigor.

Why disobey God's little laws that govern the body beautiful and thus get into big trouble?

You take your lunch, give your lips a hasty napkin-rub, and rush out feeling that everything is all right. But what about your teeth—why deny them a cleansing shower bath after they have worked so hard for you?

Diseased teeth produce many ills. Rinse your mouth out ten times with water after each meal, if you have no tooth-brush handy. That is what the Hindu pundits prescribe—S.Y.


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