—By A Disciple

The Soul is not a substance that has been melted and poured into our forms of flesh; nor is It something abstract like blackness or whiteness ...familiar to the human eye; nor is It a sound that disturbs or soothes the nervous system of human make-up.

It is the essence of the knowledge of the Maker and Self. And yet It is not knowledge alone, for knowledge is an extension—and extension upon extension is possible. Besides, an extension has only one attribute ...that is, of size or extent ...while Soul has two qualities—one of Self-knowledge and the other of the knowledge of Him.

It is not a form or figure ...for form and figure can be divided or broken into parts. And thus, if we could divide the Soul into parts, such as knowledge and ignorance, it would be knowledge and ignorance at the same time. Knowledge and ignorance of the same thing at the same time is impossible.

Thus, It is One—a thing that cannot be divided. It is something visibly and invisibly complete. It is the subject, object and the attribute. It permeates everything, free from all the qualities of being contained within a space ...or connected with a certain specific body. It is independent of life condition. It is individualized Spirit.


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