By a Student

Judgment is mastered,

Fear of death destroyed.

Nor sees God earthward walking,

Man in form, grey bearded,

Peering secret fastnesses,

With wrath forth-going

In the vibrant storm.

This is no God ye builded,

Who believed and dreamed Him vengeful;

Such God, perchance,

The priests of Baal worshiped, lifting high

Altars of lust and templed ignorance.

God is not made with hands!

How long, how long

Must He ...who transcends temples

Vainly wait, knocking at doors

Unclean with web of dust,

...The warder sunk in sleep beyond the gate?

This rather,

God who tarries in the grove

And wakes the liquid echoes ...but now mute;

Tuning the breast which lifts a ruffled throat,

Sounding its mellow pipe or wistful flute.

And this is He

Who tips the upland rim

With mystery of color; this is God

Who wakes the seed and thrusts its tender roots

With force unmeasured

From the heaving sod.

And this,

Who stirs some unformed peasant boy

To dreams of Christhood;

Shapes the dulcet note of destined songstress;

She so little taught ...awakes,

God's finger ...thrilling lip and throat.

And this is God who moves the beauteous bronze

Of Swamis by the Ganges,

Pointing west where sinks the sun

Beyond far seas.

And this, who calls the dreamer

From his dream of bliss.

Who calls the dreamer,

"Wake, my soul, awake!"

He enters in

And going forth once more

Thou seemest

God in boundless space,

For He hath left ajar

The once closed door.

God, whom I know with inner knowledge, come!

Light, seen with inner single eye, abide!

Thy boundless Oms are rolling,

Drum on drum;

How dulled the ectasies of earth beside!

Come! Thou comest! Come!

Await, my soul;

Still ...earthly silence, doubly still, and hear

The far reverb'rant song of planets roll,

Earth upon Earth

And cycling sphere on sphere!


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