America, India and the world expect a great deal from you. I have called Los Angeles ...the Spiritual World Army Headquarters (see my article on "World Appeal for Recruiting A Spiritual Army" in this issue.) You must live up to that title. Never mind how good you have been—think always you can be better. Make yourself ideal by observing the following rules. I especially require every one connected with the Center to follow the routine outlined here:

Let half of your diet be raw food. Eat more ground nuts, rather than too much meat. Don't indulge in very hot or cold drinks. Thus you will avoid colds. Drink more orange juice. Omit lunch or dinner as often as you can (whenever you are not hungry). Fast one day a week. Run every day (the Center members can run, in a body, around the tennis court for several rounds) or take a very brisk walk. Help in hospital and prison and other welfare work.

Preach the gospel of Yogoda

—health and concentration—


Do your daily work cheerfully, intensely, seeking more opportunities and prosperity ...that you may serve more and more members of the human family.

Read the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and Scientific Healing Affirmations every night before retiring, after meditation. Reverse wrong thoughts in others by kindness, not criticism. Don't criticize anyone except yourself. Make it a rule to bring a friend with you whenever you visit the Center, especially to Sunday School and Sunday meetings, and thus spiritually help a Soul. Be loyal to Yogoda, spread the message, and grow. Practice kindness and sweetness in word and deed. Keep your minds engaged by reading good books. This will keep the bad habits of fear, worry and gossip ...out of your minds. Let God and His work alone reign there. Know that I constantly think of you all and want to see you growing in every way.

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