Salad, Nut Loaf

Chopped hearts of lettuce.

Fresh raw green peas.

Chopped tops of raw cauliflower.

Chopped sweet green pepper.

Chopped canned pineapple.

Chopped pecan nuts.

Mix the above with mayonnaise or thousand island dressing, thinned with juice from can of pineapple.

Two cups ground nuts.

Two cups toasted whole wheat bread crumbs.

Three eggs (whites beat separately, then yolks folded in).

One small onion, grated. Salt, pepper, enough milk to mould well.

Mix ground nuts and crumbs, pour milk over them, and stir thoroughly. Add grated onion (which may be browned in butter), add beaten eggs. Mould and place in gravy and bake about 20 minutes.

GRAVY—A good tablespoonful of whole wheat flour browned in oil, strained tomato added to make a thin gravy (it thickens in oven). Flavor with tomato sauce, ketchup, or red pepper.

Brown gravy seasoned with Vegex is very good. If this is used, then a little tomato in the loaf is suitable.

This recipe may be varied by using cheese, cooked beans, potatoes, rice, etc., instead of nuts. Then it could be flavored with lemon or sage if one wished.

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