Mrs. Lora Olney voiced the following beautiful thoughts on Organization, in a letter to Swami Yogananda. She said:

On leaving the class tonight I heard the thought voiced by a student. "Why organize? It always brings discord."

All nature is organized and where in nature do we find discord in organization except among men? In the organization of the solar system the planets are harmonious; the petals round the heart of a flower (a perfect type of organization) do not quarrel with one another but fulfil their mission of shining out their beauty and fragrance better than if each separate petal were trying to perform its duty alone. One candle throws but a tiny beam, a thousand candles shining as one will illumine the night.

Why should we, as the petals round the sacred flower of Yogoda ówith your wisdom as the central guidance, why should we ever quarrel? If we are obedient to the teachings of Yogoda we shall, in organization, realize collective harmony of such power that it will shake the whole world out of its sleep of ignorance and bring it into complete liberation. There can be no doubt that collective harmonious activity of students who have received your training ówould generate such tremendous poweró that no forces of error could withstand it. Implicit obedience, self-surrender, alertness to heed the loving demands of Yogoda, and childlike confidence that our Heavenly Father is working with us ówill make discord impossible.

If people could only understand that "obedience" is a magic word which will bear them up and impel them on, there would be nothing to fear. Self-seeking is the foundation of discord in organization and it can and must be replaced by unselfish service.

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