By Rene Albourne de Pender

Seek not thy God at evening time and dawning,

For one short hour of stilted, wordy prayer;

Know Him in all of life that lays before thee,

In sun and moon, in earth, sky and air.

Feel Him in rush of wind,

In cleansing rain drops,

In distant planets and in restless sea,

Reach out thine arms across the endless spaces

And make the Cosmic Spirit —One with thee.

Thy soul is God, that seeking soul within thee,

That ever reaches forth for God-like things,

Loose it a while

From earthly chains of bondage;

Let it go forth and find its Spirit-wings.

It will come back to thee from the far reaches;

Purer and stronger for its winging flight,

Bringing thee peace that passeth understanding

From source of Living

And from source of Light.


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