The Science and Art of Living

By Dr. Leonard Williams

The author thinks man should be very largely of vegetarian and raw-food habits, and advances some excellent arguments to prove his theory. The book is interesting and instructive. It traces man's food habits down to the present day, and shows why diet should vary in accordance with individual environment and occupation.

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Mahatma Gandhi. The Man Who Became One With the Universal Being—By Romain Rolland

Translated from the French by C. D. Groth. Century Co.

Mr. Rolland, through his personal contact with Gandhi and his own fine perceptions, has been able in this book to reach an understanding of Gandhi and of India, that usually escapes the Occidental mind. The book is illumined with sympathy and spiritual penetration.

The Face of Silence, by Dhan Gopal Mukerji. E. P. Dutton & Co., N. Y., 1926.

Mr. Mukerji has here given us an account of the life and teachings of the great modern Saint of India, Sri Ramakrishna, considered by many to have been an incarnation of God. Ramakrishna's love for all humanity and for all religions was so great that, as Mr. Mukerji describes, He followed each religious path in turn and realized God at the end of each one—Buddhist, Mohammedan, Hindu, Christian.

One chapter in the book, which sustains throughout a high and reverential tone, describes Ramakrishna's disciples, the best known of whom was Swami Vivekananda, and gives an account of their carrying-on of their Master's work in India today.

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