The Angelus Temple of Los Angeles and its leader, Mrs. Aimee Semple McPherson, have been an inspiration to many souls. At present they are undergoing very unpleasant tests of experience. Let all Yogoda students demonstrate the Christ-spirit by sending Mrs. McPherson good thoughts and prayers for her welfare, since she has uplifted many. It is easy to talk of universal sympathy and understanding, but we must demonstrate it in our lives too. The talk of the parlor and the pulpits must be put into practice in the rugged outdoor life of the every-day world.

It is only sympathy toward our brothers and sisters who are in distress —through the wicked plots of others, or through their own error, that will bring a better condition of society—not persecution in the name of the law to satisfy man's satanic instincts of revengefulness and gossip. We must remember Jesus' warning, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

Many newspapers are like vultures, scattering their feathers in their struggle to get near the carrion flesh of others' misfortunes and troubles. Murders and sensational divorce cases claim their headlines, while good deeds and good thoughts hide on the back pages, if indeed they are present at all. The newspapers now are full of Mrs. McPherson's troubles, but when did these same newspapers ever recount the glowing story of the good deeds she has done? If Mrs. McPherson has done no wrong, then what untold injustice and persecution is being heaped upon her! And if she has committed any error —then that error should be balanced against the great works she has done by inspiring thousands of people. And then it will surely be found that her good actions far outweigh the other side of the scale.

We should bear in mind that it is the favorite game of misguided souls, steeped in spiritual ignorance, to strike at the slightest errors of great people, and magnify them, with the heartless hope of thus destroying the reputation and the work which the latter have built up thru the trials and tests of years.

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