Holding Ones Tongue

By A Disciple

"Who keeps his tongue, doth keep his soul."

The tongue has puzzled the sages; it has interested them; and all who have honestly tried to train it in the way it should go ...have found that it is a flaming fire, which only spiritual power can turn into a blessing. For the Tongue is the true echo of what a man is in his heart. It is the little acid dropper, or the great blessing giver; it is the true echo of the Real Self. An undeveloped man who is burning with anger from some hurt to his ego, spits forth ...hard and bitter words that are like corroding acid; the Enlightened Man may be flaming with indignation, but he refuses to blister tongue, or paper, with blighting words, and waits to speak —until he has transmuted anger into power, and then he utters what is kind, and just, and true, and courteous. For courteous words accompany an Enlightened Heart. And each man chooseth the way his tongue shall go. And by his choosing —each man gives to the world ...his exact measure; his real standard; his own translation of his soul.

The boneless tongue, so small and weak, which the Greeks declare, "Can curse or kill," has been of special interest to silent men, much given to thought. By deep pondering upon the ways of the Tongue they have found these grains of wisdom:

And these words —which crown the whole:

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