Books by Paramahansa YOGANANDA

WHISPERS FROM ETERNITY A spiritual classic; universal prayers.

SCIENCE OF RELIGION Essence of teachings of the Hindu Masters.

SONGS OF THE SOUL Poems of divine love and God-Realization.

PSYCHOLOGICAL CHART A Helpful Analytical Guide to Temperament.

METAPHYSICAL MEDITATIONS Daily Thoughts for Divine Peace and joy.

SCIENTIFIC HEALING AFFIRMATIONS Chants for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Harmony.

COSMIC CHANTS 42 Devotional Songs with Music for Piano.

S. R. F. BUTTONS Lotus design, gold-plated, orange and blue enamel.

PHOTOGRAPHS of Paramhansa Yogananda, Sri Yukteswarji and Lahiri Mahasaya,

4 x 6, unmounted,. Prints of Yogananda.

SONG CELESTIAL Edwin Arnold's immortal translation of Bhagavad Gita,

HORN OF PLENTY Send for free Horn of Plenty,

With instructions for achieving harmony with the Source of All Good.

HEALING SERVICE Write or wire S.R.F. for healing prayers in any of your life's difficulties.


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