MY Easter Prayer

By Paramhansa Yogananda

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus let us pray that the world be reborn out of the blazing tomb of war.

As the secretly hoarded karma of nations decides the final results of war, America and Russia are marching on to usher in a new freedom for the common people of Europe, India, China, Africa, and all down-trodden nations.

Let us pray that the Allies pursue the way shown by Christ. May they resurrect the ideal of brotherhood, and equal treatment of all nations, and clothe it in the principles of free-trade and freedom for all. May they seek to remove the basic causes of war, and to practice Christ's way of forgiving enemies. Remembering Him, let us pray that this world, too, be resurrected in such form that it will merit a God-linked, peaceful life.

And may the Christ Spirit bless all leaders of nations that in future…-in another twenty-five years- …instead of creating a third world war they shall solve international disputes by constructive Christlike ways of peaceful unselfish conferences, realizing that "war, like crime, never pays."

May the nations of the earth entomb their evil habit of using money in destructive ways, and learn to contribute to a permanent international fund for reconstruction of the war-damaged world. Through it may they create all-round prosperity, hygiene, health and happiness for- all the members of the world family residing in the East West North and South.

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