The man of conquered senses, who gives up all that makes for sin, does not suffer the least diminution of religious merit, wealth or worldly enjoyments. The wise man of righteous conduct possessing both Knowledge and Culture, who does not behave sinfully towards (hate) the sinner, who speaks sweet words even to those who are crooked by nature, whose heart is always softened by tender feelings for others, has salvation already secure in his possession. The great soul who has shaken off all attachments, who is never swayed by the passions of lust, anger and greed and who is constantly established in righteousness, it is he who sustains this universe. Men of wisdom should pursue through mind, speech and body only such activities as are calculated to contribute to the welfare of souls both in this world and the next. The person who, having conquered his senses, makes a sparing use of his tongue and speaks only words that are sweet and full of friendly advice attains the blissful and immortal regions. A person who is wise, modest and forgiving, who believes in God and is humble, goes to the higher regions allocated for the best of earthly beings.-Vishnu-Purana.

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