Daily Deliberations




JULY 1. 1 was never born, I never died--though many times I dreamed I was born or dreamed I died. Behold, I am alive evermore.

JULY 2. You must seek God for yourself. No one can give you realization. You have to work for that reward.

JULY 3. When you make up your mind that the only thing you really want is God and then pursue Him ceaselessly you will have Him.

JULY 4. As soon as you touch God you go beyond the law of cause and effect.

JULY 5. Beloved of the universe, be with us evermore. Make us realize that Thou art the only king sitting on the throne of all our ambitions.

JULY 6. To be the least is to be the greatest of all.

JULY 7. Beyond the portals of life and death Thou art the only goal.

JULY 8. Thou art the One Life, and all incarnations shall commingle in Thy presence.

JULY 9. Bless us that we see only what is good, hear only what is good, smell, taste and touch only what is good. Think and will only what is good.

JULY 10. Day and night we shall seek Thee, while we meditate on Thee alone. Bless us. Possess us. Saturate us. Haunt us. Be with us evermore.

JULY 11. Every form of happiness that men can conceive is in God.

JULY 12. Bless us that we may not be deluded into thinking other things are more important than finding Thee.

JULY 13. The Sustainer of this universe is knocking at the gates of your heart, trying to enter through the portals of silence and make within you a garden of happiness.

JULY 14. Every good that you do is an eternal investment.

JULY 15. Behind my limited consciousness is the limitless power of the Infinite.

JULY 16. Simplicity of life is freedom.

JULY 17. When your thoughts are quiet, dial with devotion until you get the program of God.

JULY 18. One by one I dose the doors of the senses lest the aroma of the rose or the song of the nightingale distract my love from Thee.

JULY 19. When you have sincerity then you will draw sincere souls to you, and you will begin to see God in human beings.

JULY 20. No matter what your age is, if you have made up your mind "I can" you are young.

JULY 2 1. The mind is a tremendous instrument that God has given us.

JULY 22. As I meditate and find God within me, I shall see Him more clearly in the mundane world.

JULY 23. If you think that all is God, and no matter what comes you hold on to that thought, you will be free.

JULY 24. God is sufficient in every way. In Him everything we wish is complete.

JULY 25. When you see everything as God's property, then you can do anything with matter, as a child of the Father.

JULY 26. Successful people represent those who have refused to be defeated.

JULY 27. First see that your purpose is right, then persevere and all the powers of God will be behind you.

JULY 28. Behold God behind the shadows, your own Father, your own Spirit.

JULY 29. Thought is the real substance of which this universe is made.

JULY 30. No matter what your impulses dictate, let nothing sit on the throne of your heart but God.

JULY 31. God first, God in the middle, God last.



AUG. 1. For it is only the finite that has wrought and suffered; the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose.-Emerson.

AUG. 2. Ever seek to promote the good of others; the best riches are universal benevolence.-Hindu Scriptures.

AUG.3. Annihilate the selfhood in me: be Thou all my life. -William Blake.

AUG. 4. Nothing lessens misfortune like patience-Ibn Gabirol.

AUG. 5. Seek bliss in both worlds by serving Him, Put away the tale of love that travelers tell; Do thou serve God with all thy might.-Rumi.

AUG. 6. Happy the man who can endure the highest and the lowest fortune. He, who has endured such vicissitudes with equanimity, has deprived misfortune of its power-Seneca.

AUG. 7. They are beggars that can count their worth- Shakespeare.

AUG. 8. The student who daily recognizes how much he yet lacks, and as the months pass forgets not what he has succeeded in learning, may undoubtedly be called a lover of learning-Tsze-hia.

AUG. 9. The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts.-Marcus Aurelius.

AUG. 10. If this birth really happens no creature can hinder thee, all points thee to God and this birth-Eckhart.

AUG. 11. Learning, without thought, is a snare; thought, without learning, is a danger.-Confucius.

AUG. 12. When you have accepted the Light oh Beloved, When you behold what is veiled without a veil, Like a star you will walk upon the heavens-from the Masnavi.

AUG. 13. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.-Jesus Christ.

AUG. 14. You cannot run away from a weakness; you must ' sometime fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?-R. L. Stevenson.

AUG. 15. He is richest who is content with the least; for content is the wealth of nature.-Socrates.

AUG. 16. Forbearance is at first like poison but when ingrained in the nature it becomes like honey.-Sadi.

AUG. 17. Stand ever firm within, resolved to do or die; So, living, earn renown; or dead, the starry sky.-Panchatantra.

AUG. 18. There never was a false God, nor was there ever really a false religion, unless you call a child a false man.-Max Muller.

AUG. 19. You will find that when you cease to take thought for your own deliverance, God will take thought for you; and when you cease to help yourself eagerly He will help you.-St. Francis de Sales.

AUG. 20. Uncertainly I steer through complex ways My soul from masquerade to masquerade.-R. J. Freeman.

AUG. 21. The best path through life is the high road, which initiates us at the right moment into all experience.-Amiel.

AUG. 22. Wisely and slow: they stumble that run fast.-Shakespeare.

AUG. 23. Those who worship the Merciful One are they who walk on the earth gently, and who, when fools speak to them, say "Peace."-Koran.

AUG. 24. God was made man that man might become God.. -St. Augustine.

AUG. 25. The sage attends to the inner and not to the outer; he puts away the objective and holds to the subjective.-Lao Tze.

AUG. 26. When all thoughts, all words and all deeds are given up unto the Lord, and the least forgetfulness of God makes one intensely miserable, then love has begun.-Narada.

AUG. 27. The superior man can be high without being haughty. The inferior man can be haughty if not high.-Confucius.

AUG. 28. To learn and discern of his brother the clod, And his brother the beast, and his brother the God-L. Adams Beck.

AUG. 29. Pain melted in tears and was pleasure, Death tingled with blood and was life-Swinburne.

AUG. 30. We will have no thirst for yesterday, no thought for tomorrow.-Vachel Lindsay.

AUG. 3 1. As thrills of long hushed tone live in the viol, so our souls grow fine with keen vibration from the touch of noble natures gone.-J. R. Lowell.



SEPT. 1. Let the thoughts which I think and the words which, I speak be acceptable to Thee.

SEPT. 2. Let me work forever in the vineyard of unfoldment, performing with humbleness and joy each task assigned to me.

SEPT. 3. It lies with us to make ourselves all that we will to be.

SEPT. 4. Let my light so shine that it may illumine the pathway for other searching souls.

SEPT. 5. 1 will lift my eyes each day to the mountain heights of Thy wisdom.

SEPT. 6. Do not only speak of truth, seek also to be kind.

SEPT. 7. Action is more eloquent than words.

SEPT. 8. 0 heart be still! You have not reached the pinnacle of feeling nor felt the fullness of love.

SEPT. 9. It matters not so much what work I do but how I do it.

SEPT. 10. Love needs no gift to prove itself.

SEPT. 11. There is nothing either difficult or easy but that thinking will make it more so.

SEPT. 12. If anything is done with love it will be well done.

SEPT. 13. The kind of results we get in life are governed by the kind of effort we put forth.

SEPT. 14. 1 can desire only what is possible of attainment.

SEPT. 15. Life does not offer you an empty cup with which to quench your insatiable thirst.

SEPT. 16. If I do not get that for which I ask the fault lies not with God but with my asking.

SEPT. 17. Since there are things to comprehend, God gave to me the power of insight.

SEPT. 18. Nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough.

SEPT. 19. Dare to be still when you have nothing good to say.

SEPT. 20. The higher the mountain, the grander the view.

SEPT. 21. So live today that you may greet tomorrow unafraid.

SEPT. 22. Like a compass must my mind become, ever pointing to a higher pole.

SEPT. 23. On the loom of my mind, I weave with threads of thought, the garment of my future.

SEPT. 24. Be glad! you cannot help a sorrowing world by being sad.

SEPT. 25. When I am at peace with myself I am at peace with the world.

SEPT. 26. To know a fact is not enough; for I must use the knowledge which I gain if I would reach my goal.

SEPT. 27. Happiness is not only the goal of life, it is also a quicker means to that end.

SEPT. 28. The important thing is not what we hear, but how we repeat it.

SEPT. 29. Though we be given the key to Heaven; we must unlock the door.

SEPT. 30. We can never really be at peace until we obey the command: "Be ye perfect."

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