The highest compact we can make with our fellow is, let there be truth between us two forevermore. It is sublime to feel and say of another, I need never meet, or speak, or write to him; we need not reinforce ourselves, or send tokens of remembrance; I rely on him as on myself; if he did not thus or thus, I know it was right.-Emerson.


July 7th. Divine Mother, help me to cut through the silken threads of false sense pleasures and spread the wings of my soul in repeated efforts to reach Thee.


July 14th. Through daily meditation I shall prepare for that bright morning when I first behold my longed-for spiritual flower of Realization.


July 21st. Even one good habit, formed today and practiced every day, will hasten my progress on the spiritual path.


July 28th. Let me become an example of spiritual health, Heavenly Father, that my presence may strengthen those who are spiritually weak.


August 4th. In me is the seat of all knowledge; and as the Inner light increases I shall find it--and finding it, I shall find Thee.


August 11th. As I work for Thee each day this week, Beloved Lord, I shall give each little task my full attention, that I may complete them proficiently, one by one.


August 18th. My thoughts are mental magnets which draw unto themselves the people and objects with which they are attuned.


August 25th. Through difficult daily lessons my Divine Mother is teaching me that material habits attract material things, while spiritual habits attract spiritual things.

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