Out of the sepulchre of the last global war, a new world of increasing mutual understanding is being resurrected, even as the crucified body of Jesus Christ was resuscitated and molded into a new one.

Jesus could have borrowed legions of soldiers from his Heavenly Father and used physical force to destroy his enemies but he did not, and, instead, conquered all his enemies and the world by saying: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

Let us remember this, and not try to use the brute force of atomic power to conquer the greater power of hate. Rather, let us use the greatest power--Divine Christ-love--to dissolve the formidable powers of international hate and misunderstanding, and to avoid an all-destructive atomic war. Thus, the hearts of various races can be united to reflect the one heart of God through the transparency of brotherhood in the spirit of Christ.

Attunement with the Christ Consciousness can take us away from the contradictory vibrations of relativity and the burning, disastrous, external explosions of atoms into the Blessed Oneness of the cool astral Light beyond the atoms.

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