(Special Report From India)*

The birthday ceremony of Sri Paramhansa Yogananda was celebrated at Yogoda Math, Dakshineswar, on the 5th of January, 1947. The holy function commenced on the day at 10:30 A.M. with offerings and prayers in the temple, followed by a recitation of Vedic hymns and an opening song by Sri Prokas Das jointly with a large number of devotees.

Sri Problias Ghose elegantly recited a piece from the Whispers, after which all the devotees, friends and well-wishers of Paramhansaji heartily prayed for his long life.

Then Sri Purna Ghose spoke about Paramhansaji's high spiritual life sacrificed to the noblest mission Of kindling in all hearts the spark of divine love, peace and happiness on earth in general and in human society in particular.

In order to give the public some idea about Paramhansaji's characteristics and his spiritual life, the speaker compared Paramhansaji with Christ, Buddha and Chaitanya, and explained and tried to impress the point upon the audience by quoting examples briefly. He spoke about Paramhansaji's love for all beings including those who try to hurt him, and about his great teaching of giving love in return for hatred, about his sacrifice of worldly wealth and happiness, his renunciation and departure from his near and dear ones in search of truth.

In the course of his speech, Sri Purna Ghose pointed out that the nectar of universal brotherhood is hidden in all hearts, but its flow is choked at the source by all impurities of, the human mind. It is every ones first duty to devote himself to Perseveringly finding that nectar within his own heart first, and then help others to find it in their hearts by acquiring cleanliness of the heart through the practice of the priceless Yogoda techniques as preached by Paramhansa Yoganandaji.

Swami Satyananda said that we should not bother about Paramhansaji's achievements and fame, but we should sincerely follow his teachings. Sri Narayan Ganguli appreciated Paramhansaji's great devotion to his Master Swami Sri Yukteswarji. Sri Nilananda Chatterjee, president of the meeting, spoke about Paramhansaji's spiritual achievements and divine power which attracted thousands of followers and thus fulfilled the prediction of his great Master Swami Sri Yukteswarji regarding the spread of Yogoda Sat-Sanga in the east and the west. The meeting came to a close after the concluding song of Sat-Sanger Tari sung by Sri Prokas Das with all present in the meeting.

Nearly 400 persons including many ladies visited the Yogoda Math on this occasion, and about 250 devotees were entertained. Sri Pfokas Das, Hony. Secretary of Yogoda Math, was all attention to the persons who were present to attend the Birthday Ceremony, at which time about 200 poor and destitute were served with a meal.

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