* The real problem is not how to regulate the student some more, but how to set him free, how to give him the four freedoms of college: freedom from family, freedom from faculty, freedom from administration and freedom from himself, The success of education depends on the consent, interest, participation, and integrity of the educated . . . . . What the student needs is a teacher friend.-Dr. MacCracken.

* Where fertility is too low for family replacement, where economic resources are most abundant, and where cultural and intellectual status of parents is high, we support education liberally. In communities where the birth rate is high, where income per child is far, far below the national norm, where cultural heritage is the poorest, and where the home has least to contribute to cultural and intellectual growth, we support education niggardly. - Newton Edwards.

* It is reported that a Jewish child receives 335 hours of religious training each year, and the Roman Catholic child receives 200 hours, whereas the children of the Protestant groups, receive scarcely 30 hours a year. (Calkins, Romance of the Ministry). Looking at it in another way the Jewish child receives ten times more religious instruction than a child in a Protestant church, while a Catholic child receives nearly seven times more. -Robert H. Dills,

Believing that we must have one world or none," Roosevelt College in Chicago (a liberal institution founded for students of all races) is offering studies on India, Latin America, Russia, Germany and France. One requirement for the B. A. degree is study of the culture of some non-English-speaking people.

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