The Health Front

Scalp ringworm has reached epidemic proportions at times in some Eastern cities. Formerly, it could be cured only by removing affected hair, either by X-ray or by pulling; now an ointment of salicylanilide is used (cured 84% of a recent test group). U. S. Public Health Service has found that infection is spread by barbers' clippers, combs, brushes and scissors when not properly sterilized.

Goiter and Radioactive Iodine: A number of Doctors are experimenting with radioactive iodine to replace surgery in exophthalmic goiter. Substance is simply swallowed; tastes flat, like water which has stood too long. Two of these Doctors, in writing of results obtained with 51 cases, say results were good whether patients were treated with one big dose or divided doses. But it is not yet proved that substance is entirely safe, or has no bad after-effects. (Cancer could follow because of gamma rays emitted by substance, and effect on cells of kidneys must be checked).

Cancer and Colchicine: This substance (extracted from seeds and flowers of autumn crocus) stops malignant cells from dividing by splitting. Some cancers have actually shrunk after administration. Also, tumors respond better to X-rays and radium after cotchicine is administered. So far, it is too dangerous for general use, since substance is deadly poison, except in small doses, and no antidote has yet been found-but experimenters are hopeful.

Degeneration of retinal tissues, leading to blindness, occurs in eye disease called retinitis pig. mentosa. Since it is generally held that "nerve cells, once destroyed, can never be revived or restored" no cure has been considered possible. Now method of Soviet Dr. V. P. Filatov (founder of first Eye Bank for transplantation of corneas) is being tested in N. Y. hospital. He is said to have arrested this disease in, 77% of cases treated in Soviet Union. His process includes injections of a therapeutic oil and use of tissue therapy.

Hostess can serve without leaving table if she uses new glasstopped dining table which has steam compartment in center, in which pre-cooked meal can be stored.

Two slot-machine stores are trying out new method of distribution. Instead of waiting for busy clerks, or carting her purchases around store, housewife gets key with roll of paper when she enters. She selects slots of foods she wants, inserts key and paper in each one, presses button and her purchases are recorded. Shopping finished, she takes key to cashier who flips it into an electrical translator that decodes keyed purchases, starts four conveyor belts bringing order up front at rate of twenty items every four seconds. Items arrive assembled, totalled and ready for quick packaging.

Convalescents who do not wish to disturb others while listening to radio programs can use a new pillow-speaker which is enclosed in smooth plastic housing: element weighs 5 oz.; is shockproof, waterproof.

0 Travelers can get compact, new three-tier hotplate to carry in luggage . Yet it is large enough to cook full-size meal. Two lower burners fold under top burner when not in use.

A transparent, waterproof wax emulsion, applied with a brush, will correct leakage in outside walls of brick and stucco. Even old, walls of poor grade brick can be improved. One application suffices.

0 New petroleum products will,' soon be used to: make oranges and, nuts grow faster (and in colder' climates), dirt-proof clothes (new,* synthetic fabrics), treat wood for structural use so that it won't burn,. puncture~ Proof tires which will, roll more than 100,000 miles. Same scientists are developing a"a supercharger for tired bodies," without after-effects of habit-forming energizers.

Cotton can be made into an, elastic fabric which will withstand repeated laundering or dry-cleaning, by twisting cotton yarn into the shape of a coiled spring. Practical for slip-covers, gloves, sweaters and surgical bandages.

Milk can be preserved by adding a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide. Excess oxygen kills bacteria which cause souring, and, is said to improve flavor of milk.


New automobiles will (eventually) contain a dashboard button which may be pushed to raise any one or all of the four wheels on built-in jacks.

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