Meditations For The Week


March 2nd. Divine Father, help me to forget the solid, limited body as I meditate on Thee, and to remember only the spiritual body which is limitless.

March 9th. By meditating on Thee, 0 Creator, my little human consciousness expands under the glow of Thy Cosmic Consciousness.

March 16th. The everlasting ocean of Immortal Power lies beneath the fragile wave of the body. When the bodywave dissolves, I shall rest in the sea of Infinity.

March 23rd. I am the Infinite which has become the body. Since my body is a manifestation of Spirit, it is the everyouthful Spirit.

March 30th. Beloved Lord, I strive to see Thee in all creatures so that I may love them, as reflections of Thee.

April 6th. Divine Spirit, burst open the tomb of my ignorance, and resurrect the Christ Consciousness so long hidden therein. May its light envelop me..

April 20th. With intuitive perception, born of meditation, I shall test all doctrines which describe Thee.

April 27th. Everywhere I see Thee, 0 Spirit. Whether melted into vapor or congealed into stone, Thou art the One I Seek.

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