Doubt is A Thief

By June Jenuine

Doubt is a thief who steals our sight

And leaves us groping for the light.

A child will tell our foolish hearts

That we have lost what God imparts,

Yet souls each hour are sacrificed

For every enemy of Christ.

Like fools we let our faith decay,

With miracles like night and day,

And questioning the power of God

We dumbly reap the pregnant sod;

We ask for answers without hope,

For facts beyond our reason's scope,

And for this cause, doubt or deny,

Although the planets dot the sky

While space rolls on forevermore

And Earth is laden with her store;

Although the muse cannot explain

The wonders that disgrace his brain;

Although a little child will run

To grab a weed, to greet the sun,

A rabbit race in wild delight

When dawn relieves the weary night,

A hummingbird in summer dart

With seasonal glory in its heart . . .

Yet, blind and stupid, humans plod

Away from Truth, away from God,

Seeking pleasure where sorrow lies,

While Doubt, the thief, plucks out our eyes.

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