The November-December copy of East-West arrived this morning. Must write a note to tell you it is a particularly attractive number. . . . Am looking forward to Tagore's article, Paramhansa's, Poddar's and Naiclu's. The Book report will be interesting to read, especially since we read the book. . . . The reproductions of William Blake's paintings are especially clear.- D. B.

. . . the July-August issue of your East-West magazine. An article in it on relaxation I want to use in my own work, and it may be that some of our other 250 teachers would like to obtain the same later.-H. G.

Our organization is very thankful to you for the wonderful article about our Society which appeared in the January issue of your magazine-sight Restoration Society, Inc.

. . . About East-West. I like it all the way through and read it many times . . . . the articles in Kalyana-Kalpataru . . . . could you include them more often? They are surely fine too.-A. M.

A friend recently gave me a copy of your magazine which I have enjoyed more than I could ever tell. I have long wanted to get just such a magazine but did not know where to get one. . . . Wishing you the best of sucess and affirming that if all your magazines are like the one I so luckily read you will have just that.-M. E. P.


Prayer Conquers Space

When you need peace, solace, inspiration, relief from pain, disease or fear, the solution to a problem, or greater success in your periods of meditation, attune with us. Paramhansa Yogananda's meditation period for such work is from 9-11 A.M. (PST). Group meditations are held in the Mt. Washington Estates Chapel every week-day morning at 8:15 and evening at 7:30 (PST). Saturday there is a special silence period from 8-10 P.M. Written requests for assistance through prayer receive the attention of Prramhansaji and also that of disciples and advanced students.


I do thank you with all my heart for the very heartening handclasp extended to me, for that is what it means to me to know that I am remembered in your prayer circles. I am sorry that I cannot find the words to sufficiently express myself. Words are such poor things at best to express the flowing out and the continuous welling up of such feeling from within the heart, it leaves me feeling very humble in the presence of such greatness. More than this I cannot say; it is beyond me.-Mrs. A. H.

I am writing to let you know my husband is home again. When I went to visit him yesterday the head M.D. and Superintendent had his slip of paper on the desk and said you may take Mr. - home with you. So I am ver grateful to you all for your kind letters and answered prayers.-Mrs. M.LK

Thank you for your most kindness, and helping . . . . to overcome his terrible drinking. He quit last Sunday. Only hope that he is off it permanently.-E. G.

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