On Religion

* What I call Psychological Religion, the highest summit of thought which the human mind has reached, has found different expressions in different religions and philosophies; but nowhere such a clear and powerful realization as in the Upanishads of India.-Max Muller.

* My religion is the religion of humility.-Einstein.

Who judgeth or condemneth the birds in the woods that praise the Lord of all beings with various voices, every one in its own essence? Doth the Spirit of God reprove them for not bringing their voices into one harmony?-Boehme.

* What I mean by a religious person is one who conceives himself or herself to be the instrument of some purpose in the universe which is a high purpose, and is the motive power of evolution-that is, of a continual ascent in organization and power and life and extension of life. Any person who realizes that there is such a Power and that his business and joy is to do its work and his pride and point of honor to identify himself with it, is religious.-George Bernard Shaw.

The secret of religion is not clothes, nor temple bells, nor shaven heads nor long prayers, nor rites, nor physical tortures, but truth and love.-Guru Nanak.

* When I was a boy, it was announced that there was going to be an eclipse of the sun, and one of the other boys sold tickets to all of us, to see it from his back yard. We all came, but we found that we could have seen the eclipse just as well outside the fence as in. That's how I feel about sects in a living religion. They act as fences, though they don't have to.-Rufus Jones.

* Religion is a soul with its allegiance fixed, moving about the common streets with the stamp and seal of forever on it. It is bolted down to eternity as an engine is bolted down to a cement floor, lest it shake itself to pieces in ten minutes.-Paul E. Scherer.

* The moral virtues, without religion, are but cold, lifeless, and insipid; it is only religion which opens the mind to great conceptions, fills it with the most sublime ideas, and warms the soul with more than, sensual pleasures.-Addison.

* In religion two things should happen-something should happen in us, and something should happen through us.-Joseph Fort Newton.

* Religion is the first thing and the last thing, and until a man has found God, and been found by God, he begins at no beginning, he works to no end.-H. G. Wells.

* I like to think that we are never really alone, because I can take God with me and leave Him there with you.-From a soldier's letter to his wife.

* Your religion is a good one; you need not look for another, nor doubt that you may be saved in it, provided that whilst you devote yourself to piety you live at the same time a peaceable and quiet life.-Spinoza.

* When showers have fallen in the night and the earth is washed clean and the sun sparkles on every leaf and the air is fresh-that is holiness.-An African's definition.

* Some people interpret freedom of worship to mean freedom from worship.-W. E. Snyder.

In the normal growth and evolution of humanity the same religion serves different men differently. To those not yet to it, it is mysterious, attractive, or repellent; to those abreast of it, it is all truth; but those who are past it can criticize it wisely, according to their distance, and modify it to their need, add to it their new truths, and finally outgrow it altogether and into something apparently new yet feeding on the dead truths of the old. For continuity is never really broken in anything, and, after all, there is only one religion in the whole world.-J. William Lloyd.

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