The origin of almost all of the diseases which I have mentally healed thru the power of God, I find in over-eating, improper eating, misuse of sex life, lack of exercise, and above all in bad environment.

Disease warns one that nature's physical laws are being broken. Nature speaks to man through her laws.

The careful man, following health laws, suffers rarely compared with the careless man who does not discriminate about his diet. Eat less, eat finely ground nuts, raw vegetables and lots of fruit; and exercise. Walk daily. Bathe your body in the bacteria-killing sunshine every day. Now that winter and its healthful outdoor sports are here, take time to go skating, skiing and walking. Breathe the fresh, crisp, invigorating air of winter. By these means, methods of physical and mental healing will be unnecessary, for disease will be dispelled.

Even then, the doctors and mental healers will be kept quite busy and successful if they concentrate on keeping people well. Let the doctors receive good fees for keeping their patients well. The Chinese pay their doctors for keeping them well, and when they get sick, payment stops.

Obey God's physical laws of hygiene and proper eating, and keep yourself mentally disinfected by the strong faith that nothing can harm you, that you are ever protected.

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