Christmas Message

To My Beloved Yogoda Students

Of America—By S. Y.

DOORS of joy, which may have been long closed within us all, should be thrown wide open at the coming Christmastide, in memory of One whose divine example has lit the way down twenty centuries.

This is my prayer for you all on this occasion of spiritual Christmas, that you keep those little doors of joy open so that the ocean of Christ-Consciousness may continuously, uninterruptedly, flow into you.

Instead of bestowing material presents on those that you love, give them spiritual books and spiritual gifts, which will remind them always of the necessity of attaining Christ or Universal Consciousness thru meditation and universal love and service.

Material favors, dinners, exchange of gifts during Christmas, are purposeless without the attendant spiritual consciousness for which the Christmas holidays were originated.

Make up your mind that this Christmas you are going to supremely try to revive in you the principles for which Christ lived and by which he deserved to ascend to Heaven or God-consciousness.

Be determined to endeavor so that your consciousness will ascend to heavenly heights.

May this newly awakened Christ-love enable you to see the underlying unity which pervades the East and West, the North and South, all races and nationalities, all children of the One Father.

"Peace on earth, good-will toward men."

Amen! (Christian Om); Om! (Hindu Om); Amin! (Moslem Om).

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