"It is possible that the names of the founders of all great religions will be forgotten in time, but the Christ-Spirit, which is the essence of religion, will continue to be manifested throughout eternity. The forms of religion may perish, but the fundamentals of religion are eternal. In the phenomenal universe ...names and forms are forever changing, but the Glorious Soul which it is our goal to understand, is the blessed, changeless Truth of Being. The outstanding demand of the world’s great sage and hero, Jesus Christ, was that man should know and adore the Soul above all else. The virile, heroic Jesus has never yet been adequately portrayed in poetry or painting. However, Christendom is growing weary of the anaemic, sickly, sorrowing Christ so long held aloft as a pattern. Jesus was a man of physical strength, superhuman power and deep and abiding gladness. In this dawning century of power and joy ...the church that fails to interpret Christ in terms of joy and power is doomed to lose its prestige and its influence."

"Tear out that poisoned arrow, indolence."


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