THE DRAMA—By J.M. Warnack

Above the clouds, beyond the stars ...I dwell,

Forever watching My great dream unfold—

Watching the myriad forms of moving things

Portray their roles in the great shadow-play

Upon the swift-revolving stage of Time.

Strange thoughts,

Emotions and desires ...have they,

These creatures of My wondrous shadow-play.

They wake, they sleep,

They work, they laugh, they weep;

They suffer and enjoy, they moan, they sing;

Confused, yet hopeful,

Mingling faith and doubt,

Uncertain that they live or that they die;

On through illusion's mist they wend their way

—Yet dreaming ever of Reality.

Oh, children of My dream!

Ye shall not stay forever in the dark!

Behold, I come in time to each of you

And whisper soft

The message of the One Reality.

Yea, in Mine own good time, each one

Shall come to find

His home eternal in My heart,

And view the endless drama through My eyes,

And know it for a shadow—while he rests

Within the quiet citadel of peace.

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