Giving of alms,

The righteous life,

To cherish kith and kin,

And to do deeds

That bring no blame,

—This is the greatest blessing.

Much learning

And much science,

And a discipline well learned,

Yea, and a pleasant utterance,

—This is the greatest blessing.

A heart

Untouched by worldly things,

A heart that is not swayed

By sorrow,

A heart passionless, secure,

—That is the greatest blessing.


"Man in his ignorance forgets his divine nature. To hide his stupidity he attributes divinity to a few aristocrats such as the founders of Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and others, and is content to regard himself as a sinner . . . But essentially every human being is divine. We have the divine potency in us waiting for self-expression. The right understanding of man’s divine nature can alone stop the rising tide of divorce and crime.

"Why concentrate so much on darker spots of human character? Throw flashlights on the brighter ones; even in the case of criminals you will be surprised to see the radical change in the thought processes and activities of these social victims. Help them by revealing to them their divine nature, not by punishment and harping on the brutal.

"When man realizes his divine nature, the boundary lines of color, creed and even of nationality vanish away. His passions are transformed into socially advantageous qualities. He becomes a social asset rather than a social burden; God becomes man, man God."

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