(The following recipes and health-hints are sent by Mrs. Henry E. Owen of Cleveland.)

Wash thoroughly 1/2 cup of whole flaxseed, add 2 quarts of cold water, stir before drinking; as you use it, add more water. Good until sour. This can be used daily with benefit, it is healing and nourishing to tissues, and excellent for kidneys and bladder.

Juice of one lemon to a pint of cold water without sugar, taken to the room upon retiring, to drink in the night or first thing in the morning. The lemon removes calcareous deposit in the system, is refreshing, will remove coating from the tongue, and taken with an equal amount of pure olive oil is excellent for the nerves, and feeds the brain.

Oranges should be eaten daily—two to four each day. You can alternate the drink of lemon with orange, two to pint of water.

Pare potatoes thick. Cover with water. Cook until tender, keeping tightly covered. Strain and drink the water.

Two bunches of parsley to quart of cold water, keep well covered, steep about ten minutes, let water stand on parsley, strain and drink.

For Eliminating Toxins

A delicious broth may be made of celery, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and onions. Add sufficient water and cook slowly. You may eat the vegetables or drink the broth. Use Whole Food Salt in your cooking.

When cleansing the system 1/4 teaspoonful of Whole Food Salt in a glass of cold water before each meal for a period of a week is beneficial.

Salt of the Sea can be had from the Battle Creek Stores. Use this until Whole Food Salt can be obtained.

Baked potato with raw onion chopped into it, and a glass of milk, make a good dinner for a day of hard work.

Vegex may be used daily as a beverage. Small 1/2 teaspoonful to cup of boiling water. Stir until dissolved. Not stimulating, but strengthening. Vegex supplies the NATURAL iodine as given by nature. It is made from the hearts of the yeast plant grown in the sea.

For A Pep Breakfast or Luncheon

Two well beaten eggs, juice and pulp of two oranges, a pinch of Whole Table Salt or Salts of the Sea, and a little honey.

For breakfast use 1-1/2 cups of Whole Germ Meal to 2 cups of boiling water; as soon as it thickens take off burner, place in double boiler in which there is hot water, but do not cook.

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