March, 1937 VOL.9—5

Part III



The Amrita Bazar Patrika, leading newspaper of Calcutta, had the following notice under date of April 3, 1936:

"The death Bhandara Ceremony of Srimat Swami Sri Yukteswar Giriji Maharaj took place with great eclat at Puri on the 21st March last. Many disciples came down to Puri to join in the celebration and among those included were Swami Yogananda, Rai Atul Chandra Chowdhury of Kidderpore, Swami Satyananda Giri, principal of Ranchi Brahmacharya Vidyalaya, and Sj. Ananda Mohun Lahiri.

"One of the greatest exponents and propounders of the Bhagavad Gita, and a great disciple of Yogiraj Sri Sri Shama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya of Benares, Sr. Yukteswarji was the founder of several Yogoda Sat-Sanga Centers all over India and had been the great inspiration behind the movement of Yogoda which has swept America and the West under the direction of Swami Yogananda, his principal disciple.

"It was Sri Yukteswarji’s prophetic powers and deep realization that inspired Swami Yogananda to cross the Atlantic and spread the message of the Masters of India to the thirsty souls of the West.

"As he believed in the unity of all religious faiths, Sri Yukteswarji established Sadhu Sabha with the cooperation of leaders of various sects and faiths for the inculcation of a scientific spirit in religion. At the time of his demise he nominated Swami Yogananda his successor as the President of Sadhu Sabha.

"India is really poorer today by the passing of such a great man. May all who are fortunate to come near him inculcate in themselves the true spirit of India’s culture and sadhana which was personified in him and pave the way further for the realization of unity and understanding among the various faiths of the world."

One Friend—S. Y.

Many clouds do race to hide Thee—

Of friends and wealth and fame—

And yet through mist of tears I see

Appear Thy Golden Name.

Each time my father, mother, friends

Do loudly claim they did me tend,

I wake from sleep to sweetly hear

That Thou alone didst help me here.

Joyousness—By DR. ROMAN OSTOJA

Dr. Roman Ostoja of Cleveland, Ohio, addressed the following words to the banquet audience at Los Angeles on January 3rd:

"First of all, we all really should stand up for a moment out of respect for our great leader, and besides a leader, I consider him a Master, and also out of respect for St. Lynn who to my knowledge is also a great man and especially in this movement, renouncing many things and giving a great spiritual support.

"I left here two years ago and since then have lectured to thousands of people and have given them what I received. I have received more through this Self-Realization movement than I received even in India. I have been in India and studied the secrets of self-mastery, yet the greater and deeper understanding I have received from Swami Yogananda of Self-Realization Fellowship. I really can say today I have come to that point of self-realization because today I am happy. That calmness and happiness of God-contact have come to me through this movement. I hope you all will receive that, for everyone can receive it. Nothing is impossible. I am a westerner as you are. It should not be any harder for you to accomplish than it has been for me.

"The Third Mind"

"Self-Realization is teaching us to be a part of the Divine Mind. It is for us only to be willing to go and reach it—to reach beyond the subconscious mind to the superconscious or the third mind and receive. The Self-Realization Fellowship is teaching us how to reach that. Contact that third mind and you will receive all the benefits from that, because you are a part of the Divine Mind where there is all knowledge. If you are in poor health, or if you need prosperity, Swami Yogananda teaches you to go into the self, deep, and you will find the answer, how to have health, or real wealth.

"What have I received? Joyousness. Joyousness. I had heard of that all my life, but how to get it? I have heard of this joyousness which is within and without and yet I said, ‘God, I pray to you but you do not answer’. Then once I realized why He didn’t come, for I had prayed for years. It is because you have to make this joyousness. If you make yourself smiling without, you have also to make yourself smile within. Always watch yourself that you are joyous within and without. Let nothing disturb you and sorrow will be eliminated.

"Not only is it a necessity, but it is our utmost duty, a divine duty, if we are a part of the Divine Mind, to live in that joy. If we do not make it here on this earth now, we cannot expect it afterward. The joy which is within is a harmonious vibration and you must attach yourself to that joy. It is everything because it is your true self. It is because you attach yourself too much to the body that you suffer pain. Why should you be afraid of Death? You are not afraid to go to sleep and yet you are afraid to die, which is only a little longer sleep. To me sleep is a short death, as death is but a sleep.

"Every day of your life, make yourself joyous. Go to the mirror from time to time if you feel you are brooding, and see yourself how you are looking. Your expression shows how you feel. When you find yourself sad, change that expression and change that feeling within. You will find that you are happiness itself."

Appeal for Flood Sufferers

All Self-Realization students are urged by Swami Yogananda to send a contribution to the Red Cross for the benefit of the middle-western sufferers from the great floods in America recently. "We must feel for others as though they were ourselves. We must expand our little consciousness of this body into the infinite consciousness that embraces all bodies. Selfishness is the cause of misery; unselfishness brings us closer to God," Swami Yogananda told his students of the Thursday Night Meditation Class at Mount Washington. He announced that the weekly collections from this class would be donated to the Red Cross for a month.

San Diego Interested

The San Diego Sun of January 31, 1937, carried an illustrated article about the Encinitas Hermitage, as follows:

"A theological group has come to San Diego County. It has chosen the Encinitas promontory as the ideal site upon which to build a retreat. The name of the organization is the Self-Realization Fellowship, and they are going to call the large Encinitas estate the ‘Yogoda Dream Hermitage’. The estate overlooks the ocean from the most conspicuous point in the southern section of the city . . . Swami Yogananda is a very congenial person, and he’ll tell you he was born in India and that his organization is by no means a cult nor a group of fanatics, but that they have organized in an attempt to fully realize the best on earth. He will tell you that his faith and that of his followers is based on the best parts of all the religions known. The dream hermitage will be used as a retreat. There, 500 feet above the ocean, some of the 150,000 members can retreat from the world to study, to meditate, to enjoy life’s riches. The hermitage is being built by a Los Angeles contractor. Now composed of two buildings it will not be complete until a large glass temple is built on the highest knoll of the estate."

Center News—By ORPHA L. SAHLY

(Director of Center Activity)

Mt. Washington, Los Angeles

On Sunday, January 3, at Mt. Washington, a 12th Anniversary Special Yogoda Convocation was held. In the afternoon Swami Yogananda delivered a soul-stirring address on "Strange Spiritual Experiences and the resurrection of my Master", to a tensely listening audience in the packed assembly room.

Following the address, in the evening, a Hindu-American Banquet was served in the great banquet hall. The hall was strikingly decorated for the occasion and presented an entrancing scene to the eye. Guests from far and near were present, including prominent local personalities, many Center Leaders, and friends. Musical entertainment was provided as a background to the enjoyment of delectable and novel Hindu delicacies. Guests were waited upon by Mt. Washington devotees garbed in rich and colorful saris, the native dress of the Hindu woman, thus adding to the unique atmosphere of the affair.

Interesting short talks were given by Judge and Mrs. Hardy of Los Angeles, St. Lynn, Faraon J. Moss, business manager, Dr. Lewis of Boston, Brahmacharee Jotin of Washington, D. C., Sri Nerode, Sri Das, Dr. R. Ostoja, Seva Devi, and other Center leaders and teachers. The outstanding note sounded in these talks was the great devotion and gratitude to the teachings as the open door to Life more abundant and happy, and to Swami Yogananda as the harbinger of these truths to the Western world, and to him as the representative of the Great Masters who have been enabled through the Swami’s own great attainment, to pass on these life-giving techniques and most precious secrets, for the uplift of all who accept and apply. Mr. C. R. Wright, companion-secretary to Swami Yogananda on his expedition through Europe and India, gave an enlightening short talk on his impressions of Indian life.

The Swami’s closing words were redolent of his great devotional spirit, and gracious, humble acceptance of the gratitude offered him, as he said, "It is not I, but the Father in me, who doeth these things."

And so the great banquet and the first Convocation came to an end. A Director’s and Center Leader’s meeting the following morning elucidated important plans for future activities.

Bombay, India

It gives us great happiness to welcome the New Center in Bombay, India, which is conducted by Dr. H. W. Nawle, Amarchand Bldg., Bombay, India. This Center was established during Swami Yogananda’s visit there, and we are confident that through it many sincere souls will find help and guidance in setting their feet upon the path of Realization.

Latvia, Europe

An interesting Center and one of which we are proud, is the little group of faithful students in Latvia. Tucked away in the heart of Europe, under conditions difficult, and different from anything we of the Western world experience or picture in our imaginations, limited in many ways, these students carry on. The nation of Latvia itself has a history of valor and spiritual strength which is indicative of those qualities inherent in the individuals. Let us send greetings and blessings to our loyal fellow-members across the seas. The Latvia Center has been in existence several years.

Members’ Letters of Appreciation

"In one week’s training under the teachings of Self-Realization Fellowship, I have received more genuine education than in two universities of which I am a graduate. I have found the Course so far just what it claims to be. Already with the Third Praeceptum I have experienced physical, mental and spiritual improvement. After suffering from stomach gas and headache for the past seven years, after carrying out the exercises in lesson 1, I have cured myself of all these ailments. I feel 10 years younger, and no matter how hard I work I never feel tired."—R. B. E., New York.

"I want you to know that the Lessons have been a great help to me in getting a better understanding of life and the Truth. I am enjoying the review of the Lessons. There is always something new and interesting in them no matter how many times one has gone over them. Wouldn’t want to do without them for I prize them as the highest thing I have. I have never had so much joy and happiness in my life as I have had the last year.—A. B., Denver, Colo.

"As you asked for constructive criticism, I must state, that in the volumes of books that I have read in Public Libraries I found not as much truth in them as I found in your twelve typewritten pages. The intuitive deduction contained therein appears to me logical, and my claim is, that anything similar cannot be found in the numerous Textbooks and Psychology."—H. B., New York.

"I wish to again express my deep gratitude of the untold benefit I am deriving from the studies. The study has already affected definite changes for good and has brought that abundant peace which we desire to share with our fellowmen. Each lesson is a revelation and I look forward to them with increasing devotion."—A. L., Virginia.

"I wish to state again that the benefits and blessings I have received since joining the Self-Realization Fellowship are too numerous to mention. I was sick in body, mind, and Soul, when I joined, now, thanks to the Technique of Rejuvenation, my body is getting back to the fatigueless stage of youth, or better, I am beginning to feel so good I can’t understand it; I feel a power for good all around me; it seems inestimable and I know my Soul is marching onward and upward on the pathway of my Self-Realization."—J. C. F., B. C., Canada.

"When I telegraphed you on the 25th of November to include Mr.———in your healing prayers, I was confident that he would be greatly aided, but I had no idea that such miraculous results would be obtained in the short space of a few days. A steady improvement became apparent at once and reached such pronounced proportions that the doctors were amazed. It has been a revelation of the working of Divine forces that one is not often privileged to witness."—E. L. B., San Francisco, Cal.

"I find that the material things I used to fret and worry about do not bother me at all since starting my studies.One of the greatest benefit to me is: I have learned to keep smiling when things seem to be all wrong. The tensing exercises are wonderful for recharging the body. I can practice while at work and actually demonstrate that I feel as fresh and full of pep and vigor after nine hours’ hard work as I felt when I started work at seven in the morning."—K. N., Michigan.

Comments of the Press

LOS ANGELES TIMES: "The Philharmonic Auditorium presents the extraordinary spectacle of thousands of neophytes being turned away an hour before the advertised opening of a lecture with a 3,000-seat hall filled to its utmost capacity. Swami Yogananda is the attraction. A Hindu invading the United States to bring God in the midst of a Christian community . . . preaching the essence of Christian doctrine . . . This is a practical message which Christian preachers might well adopt to teach self-made happiness. For the Swami teaches and demonstrates that God is within us . . . The theory is simple, nor is it strange that the message should come from India, the land of applied spiritual philosophy".

DETROIT FREE PRESS; "He has no creed in the manner of the sectarian. He has modernized some of the most sacred practices of India. He is an ardent advocate of world peace and human brotherhood".

CLEVELAND PRESS: "The philosophy evolved by Swami Yogananda is a synthesis of western scientific knowledge and Oriental spiritual wisdom . . . In his teachings he rejects all super-naturalism but believes everything governed by psycho-physiological laws".

CINCINNATI ENQUIRER: "Swami Yogananda, Hindu educator, philosopher and poet, discussed all questions with equal ease before a group of newspaper persons . . . His English was perfect and flowed with ease as he discussed religion, politics, mysticism, poetry, reformations, adding definitions occasionally that showed him to be no mean lexicographer . . . Every question brought forth an answer in which infinite thought was expressed . . . Looking into eyes that could be said to be almost unsophisticated, one could see no trace of the flight of time over him. Time has left the Swami unmarked—ageless".

WASHINGTON POST: "Swami will give his last demonstration of recharging the body battery. In the previous demonstrations, thousands have accepted his invitation to touch his body and feel the life energy, and have testified that the experience was a marvelous one. The lecture will be held at the Washington Auditorium, where Swami has broken all records for sustained interest he has aroused in the thousands who have heard him speak."

LUTHER BURBANK, famous horticulturist: "Yogoda is ideal for training and harmonizing man’s physical, mental and physical natures . . . will come as near to bringing the millennium as anything with which I am acquainted."

MME. AMELITA GALLI-CURCI, world-famous singer: "Yogoda gives life a purpose. Joy, happiness, bliss come to one. A new force brings forth health and strength and power to accomplish. It is the science of living . . . develops peace and poise."


Dream Dropped from Heaven

A dream of yore

Of incarnations before

Of a dream-bud retreat

Grew in the garden of my soul,

For ages ’twas caressed

By the sunny breeze of His blessings blessed

Until in this life

Away from all strife

On Encinitas’ Elysium mountain beach

Beyond all noises’ reach

That dream-bud blossomed true

Into a flower,—a dream of silent rest

Dropped from Heaven’s breast

Through magic touch of a most blessed mine

Beloved Saint Lynn divine.

The muffled mystery fragrance

Of this flower home

Long did roam—

At last it came, wafting, enchanting, entrancing,

Through vaporous joyous tears

Down the arches of the ancient years,

Until I searched here and there,

North, East, West, South, everywhere,

And at Divine Mother’s call

Was summoned

On this motionless mountain liner tall,

Bedecked with celestial caves and lacy trees,

Jutting out to the seas,

Anchored forever

By the sands of silver.

As I sat on the sandy mound

By the surf-tapestried opal ocean round


A diamond chip of this retreat I found

Glistening on the screen

Of my forehead’s Spirit-Eye unseen.

That vanished vision now—

I valiantly vow—

Has come forever to decorate

A part of this retreat ornate.

On threshold of my mind’s door

Once before

Divine Mother asked me

To look and see

If I could find Her soar by the hills of Elsinore.

Now I know I shall seek Her no more

In any other sea-fenced mountain core,

For I found dame divinity reigning,

Without, within, everywhere

Like showers raining,

By entrancing Encinitas’ Elysium shore.

An early picture of the teachers and students at the Brahmacharya Vidyalaya, Ranchi, India, established in 1917 by Swami Yogananda and the Maharajah of Kasimbazar. Permanently established and endowed in 1936.

Lahiri Mahasaya


Disciple of Babaji and Guru-Preceptor

Of Swami Sri Yukteswarji

The above picture is a copy of the only photograph of Shama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya ever taken. A strange miracle was performed by Lahiri Mahasaya in connection with it. One of the great master’s disciples begged him to allow himself to be photographed. After great persuasion, Lahiri Mahasaya seemingly agreed.

The disciple took several pictures of Lahiri Mahasaya sitting on a square wooden bench. After the plates were developed the disciple was dismayed and astonished to discover that only the wooden seat and background were visible, while not a trace of the Master could be seen. He returned to Lahiri Mahasaya pleading and imploring him to allow himself to be really photographed. The Master, smiling with compassion, said, "My son, you wanted a picture of Me? How could your camera see my Self, my Soul? I perceive you want a photograph of the temporary temple I live in." Later he agreed that one single photograph be taken, when he did not dematerialize his body as before.

Shama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya predicted, at the time when with his sacred touch he spiritually baptized the baby Yogananda, that he would be a "spiritual engine," i.e., just as a railroad engine carries several cars to a destination, so also the spiritual engine or Guru-preceptor, Swami Yogananda was to carry many divine souls to the land of eternal freedom. This prophecy has been already fulfilled, for in America alone Swami Yogananda has initiated over one hundred fifty thousand persons into his Yogoda teachings. The life of this great Yogavatar is being written by Swamiji.



Lahiri Mahasaya- A householder


Swami Sri Yukteswar

Swami Sri Yukteswarji

Swami Kebalananda

Swami Kebalananda

Swami Keshabananda

Swami Keshabananda

Swami Pranabananda

Swami Pranabananda

Bhupen Sanyal

Bhupen Sanyal

Paramahansa Yogananda

Swami Yogananda

(Baptized by Lahiri Mahasaya)

Yogananda's Father

Bhagavati Charan

Swami Yogananda's Father


A spiritually highly advanced direct lady disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya. Swami Yogananda’s greatest love was realized in his mother, as expressed in his poem.


Swami Yoganandaji’s Master and Guru-Preceptor, who was called by the title of "Swami" by the Supreme Master Babaji, even before Sri Yukteswarji had been formally initiated. A stern disciplinarian, he had few close disciples one being Swami Yoganandaji, who could stand his rigorous discipline and training. He predicted a warm reception to Swamiji’s work in America, years before Swamiji ever thought of coming here. Sri Yukteswarji’s life of many Christlike miracles is being written by Swamiji.

Kararasharam in Puri

The Yogoda Sat-Sanga Kararashram, Puri, founded by Swami Sri Yukteswarji.










A valuable piece of seaside property, it now is the place of interment for the body of the Master.

The Ashram is now in the charge of Swami Sebananda, who conducts a boys’ school here.

Sri Yukteswar and Master in Serampore

(Left) Serampore Yogoda Sat-Sanga festivity with Sri Yukteswarji (on left) and Swamiji.



Master sitting --Sri Yukteswar standing

Swami Yogananda and his party entertained (when Swamiji first re-visited his great Master on his arrival from America) by Swami Sri Yukteswarji (right, standing) at Serampore.

Last Serampore Meeting

Last Yogoda Sat-Sanga meeting and festivity at Serampore. Master Sri Yukteswarji sitting at the table, Swami Yoganandaji on his right.




Kirtan in Calcutta

A Yogoda Sat-Sanga festivity and Sankirtan (singing party) going through the streets of Calcutta—the last festive occasion in which Swami Sri Yukteswarji joined. He and Swamiji are seen under the banner. The Mridanga (Khol) drums are being played.

Calcutta gathering

(Left to right) Tulsi, Lalitda, Sananda, Kristo, Kabibhusan, Swami Yogananda, Prabhas, Charu Babu, Noni (from U. S. A.), Shivananda, Tundi lat. (Sitting) Shyam Babu, who, with Kristo and Charu Babu, is a beloved singer of Sat-Sanga songs.

Sri Yukteswar and Master

Sj. Ananda Mohun Lahiri (Lahiri Mahasaya’s grandson and a director of Yogoda Sat-Sanga, Ranchi), Master Sri Yukteswarji, Swami Yoganandaji, Swami Satyanandaji. Taken in front of Swami Yogananda’s father’s house in Calcutta.

Calcutta closeup of Kirtan

Another view of the Calcutta Sankirtan.






Master with his Father


(Left to right) Bishnu, Moti Babu, Bhagavati Charan (Swamiji’s father), Mr. Wright, Swami Yogananda, Tulsi, Swami Satyananda.

Howrah Station

(Left to right) Maharajah of Kasimbazar, Swami Yogananda, Bishnu and a part of the large crowd which received Swamiji at Howrah Station, Calcutta, on his arrival in August, 1935.


Master in Ranchi

Prabhas and wife, blessed by Swamiji. Prabhas is Deputy Controller of Stores, B. N. Railway, and Vice-President, Yogoda Sat-Sanga, Ranchi.

Master's youngest brother

Bishnu Charan (India’s renowned pioneer physical culturist, and a director, Yogoda Sat-Sanga, Ranchi) and his family.



(Swami Satyananda at the Yogoda Students’ Home, Calcutta, with some of the members and Ranchi alumni.



Krishnakali, in front of the gymnasium.


"Yogoda Sat-Sanga" is the Sanskrit for "Self-Realization Fellowship." In India, the Sanskrit name is preferred and more used, while in America the English designation is more acceptable.


Guest-Home at Ranchi; opposite it is the Oraon Munda School for aborigines.



The famous car which facilitated Swamiji’s spiritual expedition in India. (Left to right) Swami Satyananda, Mr. Wright, Swami Shivananda.

Swami Yoganandaji "mangoing".






Row of buildings at Ranchi headquarters.




Bama and Mr. Wright in Bengali dress.





Swami Satyananda (left), Principal of Brahmacharya Vidyalaya, and a director, Yogoda Sat-Sanga, Ranchi, with Santananda.



Swami Shivananda (middle); Prafulla (on his left) and some students of Brahmacharya Vidyalaya, Ranchi.

Members of the Yogoda Senior-A Soccer Team, and teachers. (Right to left, standing) Santananda, the Brahmachari in charge of the Praecepta Department at Ranchi; Krishnakali Banerji, in charge of the Gymnasium; Noni Muzumdar (Bama) advertising manager, football team organizer, and Swamiji’s personal assistant in India; Pundit Bhattacharya, teacher of Sanskrit, and Captain of Soccer Team.

(Left to right) Swami Sebananda, organizer of Puri Yogoda Sat-Sanga where Master Sri Yukteswarji’s body is enshrined; Pundit Mahasaya; Santananda.


Noni; Mr. Wright; Santananda.






Dairy at the Ranchi Headquarters.





Cows grazing in the Ranchi pastures.

Women teachers and students of the Yogoda Sat-Sanga (S. R. F.) Girls’ School at Ranchi, organized by Dinanath (seated on Swamiji’s right hand).


Some of the Yogoda Sat-Sanga buildings, Ranchi.





Members of the Junior-B Yogoda Soccer Team.





Swami Yogananda, teachers and students of Brahmacharya Vidyalaya, Ranchi.





Entrance to the grounds of Yogoda Sat-Sanga, Ranchi.



Group of Bombay Yogoda Sat-Sanga Center. On Swamiji’s left is Dr. Nawle, Leader; on Swamiji’s right, Mr. Cama, patron, and Ettie Bletsch. (Bottom row, left to right) Prokash Chandra Das (director, Yogoda Sat-Sanga, Ranchi, and a great organizer); Mr. Wright, Noni (Bama) and Panchcowri.

Members of the Artists’ Club in Mysore, who entertained Swamiji (center) with an evening of delightful music on the Indian stringed instruments and drums.

Yogoda Senior-A Soccer Team, with Swami Yogananda in Oriental clothes.





Moti Babu, an advanced disciple of Swami Sri Yukteswarji.




Master and Keshabananda at Brindaban

The venerable Swami Keshabananda (center) at his Lahiri Mahasaya Ashram at Brindabon—(left) his disciple; (right) Swamiji; (sitting) Mr. Wright.



Ramkishore, faithful follower of Swamiji and a director, Yogoda Sat-Sanga, Ranchi.




London, England, Yogoda Class of Swami Yogananda, September, 1936, the largest class on Yoga ever conducted in London by an Oriental teacher.

Swami Yoganandaji at the age of six. Though decorated by his mother with a gold garland and dressed in an Occidental costume, still he reflects in his eyes a spirit of other-worldliness entranced by something beyond this life.

Headquarters of the Self-Realization fellowship (Yogoda Sat-Sanga), Mount Washington Estates, Los Angeles, California, as it is today (1937), with a new star on the roof.

The "Wishing Well", Palm Tree and general view of a part of the beautiful grounds of Self-Realization Fellowship (Yogoda Sat-Sanga), Mount Washington Estates, Los Angels, California.

New Year’s Convocation Group, on the lawn at the Los Angeles Headquarters. Swamiji and St. Lynn in center, with delegates and students.

Close-up View of the New Year’s Yogoda Convocation Group on the lawn at the Los Angeles Headquarters, with members, and students in Oriental costumes in honor of India, all saying "Pronam".

The Yogoda Convocation New Year’s Banquet in honor of Swami Yogananda’s homecoming from India.

Part of the Reception and Lecture Hall, seating several hundreds, at the Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles. The hall leads into the library, at the farthest end.

The audience at one of Swami Yogananda’s first series of Lectures in Los Angeles, at the Philharmonic Auditorium, seating 3000. Many thousands had to be turned away each night for lack of space.

The Second Temple of Self-Realization Fellowship, 711 West 17th Street, Los Angeles, California.


The Yogoda Dream Hermitage, nestled on a hill, mirrored in the sea, unsurpassed in splendor, one of the garden spots of the world.

Yogoda Dream Hermitage by the Sea (front view) newly built for the Self-Realization Fellowship. All rooms on the other side overlook the ocean.


A part of the private beach belonging to the Encinitas Hermitage.




The Hermitage on the hill as viewed from the ocean.




Angels’ Flight Stairways on the Hermitage grounds leading to the private sea-beach for Yogoda devotees, Encinitas, California.



The Yogoda Dream Hermitage on the hills of Encinitas looks like the Rock of Gibraltar. The Hermitage is built on solid rock.

Master Meditating

Swamiji meditating before the Meditation Caves in the lap of the Self-Realization Hermitage at Encinitas. Here the devotee sits before the conjoined blue sky and blue sea, nothing else being visible.

Yogoda Dream Hermitage. Near the fence is the site where the Temple for all religions is being built at Encinitas. It will have a large hall for meditation services, a roof overlooking the sea, and a four-storeyed glass tower.

A view of one side of the Hermitage.




The Hermitage. The farthest left window and fireplace chimney are of Temple Hall; the second chimney and door lead to Swamiji’s living room facing the sea; the third chimney and door lead to St. Lynn’s quarters.

The Hermitage porch, overlooking the ocean, with modern outdoor furniture.



The three-car garage and apartment near the entrance-grounds to the Hermitage.



Apartment-garage and tennis-court grounds amid eucalyptus bowers on the Hermitage site.

Noted Yogoda leaders, in the temple-hall of Yogoda Dream Hermitage, Encinitas, California. (Left to right) Dr. R. Ostoja, Sri Nerode, Dr. Lewis, Swami Yoganandaji, Brahmachari Jotin, Sri Das. Mr. Wright (sitting).


Swamiji in front of Meditation Caves, seated in the western posture.




A group of Self-Realization Teachers and Students at the Dedication Opening of Yogoda Dream Hermitage. Lahiri Mahasaya’s picture in the Temple Hall may be seen in the background.

Swamiji, with Kedar Nath Das Gupta, founder of the World Fellowship of Faiths, who presided at Swamiji’s London lectures.



The Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles, showing tennis-courts.

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