By Swami Yogananda

Dig, dig, yet deeper dig

In the stony earth for Fount of Song.

Dig, dig yet deeper dig

In soil of Muse's Heart along.

Some sparkle is seen.

Some bubble is heard;

'Tis then unseen—

The bubble is dead.

The watery sheen

Again doth show;

Dig, dig still deeper e'en

Till the bubble song again would grow.

I hear the Song,

I see Its body bright,

Yet cannot touch —I long

To seize It now

And drink Its liquid light.

Bleed, Oh my Soul, do amply bleed

To dig yet deeper—dig!

I touch the Holy Fount—rejoice;

I drink Its bubble voice.

My throat's ablaze—

I want to drink and drink always.

The Sphere's aflame

With my thirst as I came.

So dig, dig yet deeper dig

Though it seems thou canst not dig!

I thought with Heart Aglow

All, all, I had drunk this day,

And idly looked for more,

—deep, deep, below.

But lo! undrunk, untouched,

There the Fountain lay.


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